5 dream study spaces

Why can you never find the perfect place to study? Your room is too distracting, the café is too noisy, the library is too quiet.

But what is the perfect study space? We think that it would have stacks of ancient books, cosy hammocks and an endless supply of chocolate cookies.

But since we doubt that this place exists, we have come up with a list of 5 dream study spaces that are almost as good…

1. Most inspiring study space

Look – it’s a library made of books! If you lived round the corner from this place (which would involve moving to Kansas), then you’d always want to study. ‘No, I don’t want to come to your picnic in the park’, you’d say to your friends as you rushed out the door. ‘I’m going to the library made of books!’.

2. Most solitary study space

‘I want to be left alone!’ you yell after the 106th interruption. You’re trying to study but your friends keep texting, calling, messaging. We suggest that you grab some climbing gear and head to the famously remote Solvay Hut. At 13,133 feet up a Swiss mountain, you won’t be disturbed. In fact, your only visitors will be the local mountain eagles and (let’s face it) they’re not very chatty.

3. Most comfortable study space

‘Where is this place and how can I get there?’ we hear you ask. This place is Shakespeare and Company, a legendary bookstore in Paris. Imagine settling down to study in one of those old armchairs, the sound of rain falling on the windowpanes…perfect.

4. Most beautiful study space

Every library should look like this – in fact, all the other libraries in the world are jealous of it. This is the Wiblingen Abbey Library in Ulm, Germany. We don’t think you’d get much studying done here though – you’d be too busy gazing around in amazement.

5. Most magical study space

Why don’t more people live in treehouses? It’s a mystery. This Seattle-based woodland home would be the perfect place to hide away and finally write that essay you’ve been avoiding. The only trouble is, you might never want to leave…

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