CV Boosters (part 3): 5 extra-curricular activities that will improve your CV

In the latest part of our CV Boosters series, Jessie Brown from Great British Mag explains how extra-curricular activities can improve your CV for that added edge…Career

A university qualification only gets you so far – getting your dream career also requires you to put in the effort outside of uni to pad out your CV. Here are five extracurricular activities that will help you find a job in the future:

1. Internships
Internships can be a step up the career ladder as they’re an opportunity to gain experience and work in a particular role for a short period of time.

For some careers, completing an unpaid internship is considered almost a rite of passage that you’re be expected to go through to progress to paid work.

But taking on an internship also shows your natural ambition and passion, because you’re willing to work for free, or very little.

2. Volunteering
An easy way to make your CV more impressive, make friends and make a difference is by volunteering.

Many agencies take on volunteers and there will also be volunteer societies on campus.

Volunteer work looks excellent on your CV as it throws you into many tasks you wouldn’t usually do, such as cooking, gardening or even customer service.

This way you demonstrate that you’re able to learn new and transferrable skills.

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to build a network, possibly even in the field you plan to start your career in.

International student fair

3. Get involved with your student community
Joining a student community or organisation is a great way to meet like-minded people. Societies such as Asian Cultural Societies can be found at most universities and are vital in representing collective student communities.

By joining a student community, you’ll have the chance to take on organisational and representative roles that can help your CV.

4. Part-time or casual work
Money is the obvious reason most students get a part-time job. In fact, about 70 percent of students work at some stage during their course. But it’s not just about the money – jobs provide useful experience and insights into the working world.

They are helpful in presenting future employers with evidence of skills such as teamwork, working under pressure, dealing with people, and balancing the demands of work and life (INTO says – make sure to check that your specific visa allows you to work part-time).

5. Join a sporting team
No employer wants to hire someone without a personality or interests. Sport is a good way to showcase your other skills and it also shows that you’re happy to give things a go.

Think about signing up with a local netball, football/soccer, tennis, rugby or hockey team, either in the local community or on campus. Getting involved with sports will show that you have teamwork skills, commitment and endurance.

Any of these 5 extra-curricular activities will teach you valuable skills for future employment.

And they look great on your CV because it shows you’re a well-rounded and interesting person!

Students playing sports

Jessie Brown is the editor of GB Mag and website, a publication for international students studying in the UK. GB Mag covers everything from pre-departure to arrival as well as offering advice on British culture, events and daily lifestyle news.

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