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Self-driving cars. Predictive medicine. Robotic surgery. This all sounds very futuristic, but it’s the reality of the world we live in today. Technology is more relevant than ever, and the speed at which it’s evolving isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  

As the tech industry grows, so does the need for qualified IT professionals. Studying computer science at university is a wise move if you want to start a successful career where your skills will be in demand.  

You’ll make good money too. Computer science graduates in the UK earn more than any other undergraduate degree holder, with the highest paid earning a median salary of £50,000 six months after graduation (The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018). 

If you want to study a computer science course in the UK, there are several areas to choose from. Read on to find out how you could use your love for technology to develop websites, create applications or even prevent cyber attacks.  

Artificial intelligence 

Study computer science in the UK. Study artificial intelligence 

“Hey Siri, remind me to hand in my assignment tomorrow.” Digital voice assistants like Siri or Alexa are much more than helpful tools – they’re very real uses of artificial intelligence (AI). AI uses computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of the human mind.  

Other areas of life where AI is at work include email spam filters, chatbots, Netflix’s recommendations and self-driving cars. It may sound like a science fiction film, but the ultimate goal for AI is to become self-aware. This would mean computer systems possessing human-level consciousness. Study AI and maybe you could take the next step to creating a machine with human-like abilities?  

Develop computers that think like humans 

  • Become an expert in the most advanced nature-based AI technology, known as Deep Learning, at City, University of London. In the modern City AI Lab, you’ll have the latest GPU computers and technologies at your fingertips.   
  • Learn to apply AI solutions to real-world problems by taking a work placement with a technology provider, when you study AI at the University of Stirling

Cyber security  

Study computer science and cyber security in the UK

We’ve all received those fake emails. You know the ones encouraging us to click on what is likely a dangerous link or asking us to share our personal details. Computer security, or cyber security, is the practice of protecting us and our sensitive information from digital attacks.  

As hackers become more sophisticated in their attempts to steal data and access passwords, cyber security has never been more important. Most cyber security degrees will teach you how to develop secure software, as well as help you to understand the ethical, legislative and human elements of this area.  

Protect the world’s computer systems 

Data science 

Study Data Science and computer science course in UK

Organizations increasingly collect large amounts of data. Your skills as a data scientist will be needed to interpret this data, helping organizations to capitalize on new opportunities or prevent future risks.  

Data science is the fastest growing field of technology. Demand for workers with specialist data skills has more than tripled over five years (+231%) according to a Royal Society report. There’s never been a better time to study for a degree in data science. 

Prepare for a well-paid role in data science  

  • Stirling has links with The Data Lab, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for data and AI. This collaboration gives students access to networking events, industrial events and sector-specific training.  
  • City was the first institution in England to offer an integrated Master’s in Data Science. This course brings together computer scientist skills such as programming with fundamental data scientist skills such as statistical analysis, big data and visual analytics – a powerful combination, helping you build innovative data science solutions.  
  • UEA’s MSc Behavioral Economics and Data Science combines core economics modules with specialised modules in programming and behavioural economics to prepare you for a career as a data scientist.  

Information systems  

Study at a Computer science university. Study Computer science course in UK

An information system is a network that’s used to collect, store, process and analyze data. In organizations, information systems can be used to help make business decisions, interact with customers, run supply chains and compete in the marketplace. Amazon and eBay are major companies built entirely around information systems.  

As an information systems graduate, you’ll find many opportunities available to you. We live in the age of big data – where information about us is recorded on a mass scale – creating a high demand for individuals who can design systems to manage it.  

Create systems that help businesses function 

  • On the doorstep of London’s Tech City, City, University of London has been at the leading edge of computer science in the UK for 60 years. Today, the University’s modern Computer School offers an accredited degree in information science.  
  • Check out UEA’s BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems degree. Combining computing, information technology and business, it will prepare you for a career designing computer-based systems in a business environment.  

Software engineering

How to improve your IELTS

Internet browsers, email systems, social media apps. These are all types of software that we use in our daily lives. Without software, we’d be stuck! As a software engineer, you’ll be designing and building computer systems or applications software, using your extensive knowledge of programming languages.  

Like many areas of computer science, software engineers are also highly sought after. Just think of the number of apps out there and the ongoing advances to smartphones – talented software engineers will always be needed.    

Apply engineering principles to software creation 

  • Learn from experts when you study City’s MSc Software Engineering with Cloud Computing. City’s world-class research in systems and software engineering has one of the largest groups of academics working on this area in London.  
  • Take part in activities and projects related to your software engineering degree through Stirling’s active Computer Club. A final year project involves the design and development of a major piece of software, putting your knowledge into practice.  

Computer science courses in the UK also cover other areas including computer graphics, games technology, programming, cloud computing and health informatics. Whichever branch of computer science you choose, an exciting, well-paid career awaits in this fast-paced industry.   

We offer routes to studying computer science in the UK – why not take a look to find a computer science program for you. 

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