What does your Chinese Zodiac sign say about you?

What do you know about your zodiac sign? What does it say about you and how accurate is it?

Let’s take a look into the traits of each sign, and see if you identify with your animal!

Chinese Zodiac


You’re intelligent, charming and quick witted, but on the flip-side you’re impatient, critical and opportunistic too. By no means a bad mix of character traits, since it means you’re creative and sociable with the ability to make decisions fast and win everyone over to your way of thinking.

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You like taking the lead, and do so with confidence! You’re methodical, determined and reliable which means you’re destined for success, but BEWARE – your strong approach can be intimidating, so don’t forget to take a step back to listen to others once in a while.



You’re quite sensitive and in tune with your emotions, but so impulsive that your friends think you’re pretty unpredictable – always the first one to shout, “YOLO” and put your name down for a bungee jump. You find it hard to come to a decision, but when you’ve made your mind up there is no going back!



You’re very popular because you’re so pleasant to be around! Sociable, modest, empathetic and trustworthy – your even temper and good judgement means you’re the one that everyone can depend on. You’ll listen intently to their woes and offer diplomatic solutions, while helping them have fun and take their mind off things. However, you are known to be a bit of a snob when it comes to the little luxuries in life…



Life and soul of the party, you’re eccentric, gifted and most importantly… LUCKY! To some extent you make your own luck as you hate sitting around, waiting for things to happen. You are flexible and enthusiastic, but this means you can often come across as a bit of a big mouth in your bid for perfection.

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Some might say you’re a little paranoid, but you definitely keep your cards close to your chest while you come to a decision. You’re very wise and intuitive, so you pick up on things that others may not in your efforts not to repeat past mistakes. Known for paying tight attention to your purse strings, you’re simply more organised than your friends who forgot their wallet!



With a sense of adventure, you’re courageous and independent – sometimes to the point of selfishness. Your desire for your own space and tendency to think in the present means that you might need to reign in your ego once in a while. Don’t forget to call home sometimes when you’re busy realising your ambitions.



You may find you often get off to a bad start when you meet people, but those who truly know you find you absolutely charming. You are warm, sensitive and gentle, meaning friends come to you for a shoulder to cry on. A great listener, but not so hot on devising a solution! You’re a bit of a worrier, so following the crowd and peaceful surroundings keep you calm and level headed.



You’re everything a monkey should be; fun, lively, smart and versatile. You enjoy telling a good joke off the cuff and larking about, but your serious, competitive side is lurking beneath the surface – ready to emerge and surprise everyone when they least expect it! Your love of entertaining can lead to being a bit self-centred, so make sure to take an interest in your friends and build up their trust.



Hey there, fashionista! You love to dress flamboyantly and your energetic personality reflects your dress sense. Despite a flashy shell, you’re a hard worker and pay attention to the small details. Just as you might expect, you’re a bit cocky, which means you’re not shy to say exactly what you think and do not mince your words when expressing your opinion.



One of the most likeable of all the Chinese Zodiac, you’re diligent, honest, faithful and energetic. You show great loyalty to close friends, but become fiercely defensive when faced with an argument – to the point of getting in deep water thanks to your sharp tongue. You might worry a lot, but your adaptability will see you through any tough challenges!



Ever the optimist, you’re always patient and generous to those around you in the belief that positive change can happen without confrontation or ill feeling. Your philanthropic character sometimes results in others taking advantage of your good nature and letting you down, but your tolerance and sincerity means you’re very forgiving. Don’t be afraid to say “no” once in a while!


We’re excited to start the celebrations on 19th February here at INTO HQ – we’ve been learning the lingo too! Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year!

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