Study adventure in China: adapting to a new culture

Cathy from the Philippines is a perfect example of student success.

During her time at Nankai University as a postgraduate student, she interned at the United Nations in Beijing.

In part 1 of Cathy’s story, she told us why she was ready for the new challenge of pursuing an education in China. In this instalment, she talks about adjusting to her new home in Tianjin.

Above: Cathy enjoying local cuisine with Malaka from Sri Lanka. Read Malaka’s story about why he loved studying in China too.

My path to Nankai University

I knew straight away that Nankai was right for me when I came across an INTO China representative at one of the school fairs in Manila.

We had a long and honest conversation about China and living in Tianjin.

I walked away with an MA International Economics brochure and started preparing straight away. I was so excited to study in China!

To study in China, the application process was very simple:

1. I received the initial application requirements and filled the forms out.
2. Next, I had a Skype interview with one of my future professors. I made sure I prepared well, and I passed with flying colours.
3. I received my offer.
4. I jumped around with joy!
5. I booked my flight and started packing for my study abroad adventure.

Packing to study in China

Getting used to my new home

It’s completely normal to have butterflies, and feel a little bit lost before leaving your home country.

Study in China

At the airport I was met by INTO staff, who picked me up, drove me through Tainjin, and on to the Nankai campus.

Tainjin is such a vibrant and exciting city.

When I arrived, I was introduced to some local students.

The team were there to answer all my questions and support me.

After a few days of attending orientation events, I made a bunch of new friends, knew my surroundings and forgot the word ‘homesick’ for the rest of my time in China!

Cathy at the airport beginning her study in China adventure

Balancing social life and studies: work hard, play hard

China is really good fun! It’s a great place to live.

You’ll meet some of the most adventurous people of your life and get to do really cool stuff.

Don’t get too lost in the great time you’re having though. Make sure you attend classes, listen, take notes and talk with classmates and professors – exams can certainly be tough.

Cathy's story about studying in China

Living and studying in China is fantastic… I totally recommend it – I’ve had some of the best times of my life in Nankai.

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