Why is Shoreditch amazing for students?

For students moving to Shoreditch, London is a fantastic place to live, study and play.

Yasmine, from Morocco, is studying an International Diploma in Business with INTO in London!

She shares with us her insider’s knowledge of the area.

Shoreditch: Yasmine

The City

If you want to live for the moment you can head for Liverpool Street – you’ll be astonished by architectural landmarks such as The Gherkin, Tower 42, Bishopsgate Institute and Liverpool Street Station.

Living here enables you to grow in a multicultural environment with students from 194 countries and speaking more than 300 languages.

The Vibe

You get the chance to live a wholly new experience, where you constantly learn and discover different aspects of life.

The vibe in Shoreditch

The first thing that caught my attention when arriving in Shoreditch was the positive vibe – if you are a student, it is the perfect place to be.”

In one day you can live in two worlds – you can start your day by going for a run, from Old Street, crossing Moorgate and Bank, to reach London Bridge or you can begin the day at Shoreditch’s old-fashioned cafés, where you can taste the best English breakfasts.

Breakfast in ShoreditchIf you want to discover new things in your surrounds, you can simply walk around the historic Old Street and Hoxton and be inspired by the interesting artwork on the walls of buildings.

Street art in Shoreditch

During the second part of the day, you can chill in one of the cocktail bars and lounges in the area. I highly recommend Nightjar for jazz lovers – it has a New Orleans’ music heritage vibe and it’s located in Old Street.

Shoreditch is also home to a lot of modern and vibrant student accommodation, making it a hot spot for socialising.

Nightlife in ShoreditchStudying

Shoreditch is also the right place to be when it comes to studying. Despite being known for its edgy nightlife, it also offers quiet libraries with helpful staff that you can visit to focus on your assignments without travelling to your university.

I recommend The Barbican and the British Library, which are not far from Shoreditch.

Places to study in Shoreditch

Food and shopping

Everyone is amazed by good food, and in Spitalfields Market, you can taste the most appetising international meals.

You can sample delicious plates coming from Africa, Europe, The Americas and Asia all in one place.

Forget about the commercial stores you find in the big malls; Shoreditch offers a unique purchasing experience with distinctive, original and refreshing clothes and products.

In addition to that, you’ll have a new insight into shopping. You can find them in boutiques in Spitalfields Market, Box Park or in many of the area’s busy streets.

Spitalfields market in Shoreditch

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