Easy Insider hacks for speaking London slang

Living in the UK capital, you’ll probably notice a distinct accent, and some strange words that you’ve never used before. Welcome to London slang!

Here are some essential words and expressions to use to sound like a local in your new city:

• Cheers

– Used to express good wishes when leaving or ending a conversation. It can also be used in place of “thank you.”

Cheers = Thanks

E.g. When someone holds the door open for you, you can say, “Cheers.”

• You alright?

– “What’s up? How are you?” This is used as a greeting.

Are you alright?
E.g. You go up to the cash register and the cashier asks you, “You alright?” “I’m alright thanks. You?”

• Mate

– Friend.

London slang

E.g. “Mate, where are we going out to tonight?”

• Blimey

– Used to express surprise, excitement, or alarm.

Ben Afleck is surprised

E.g. If you go to a haunted house and something jumps out at you: “Blimey! That scared me.”

• Wicked

– Adjective to describe something that is excellent.

Is it wicked? Finn the Human

E.g. “I won free tickets to the Adele concert.” “That’s wicked!”

• Fiver, Tenner

– Another way to say £5, £10.

English notes

E.g. “I bought this all for under a tenner.”

• Quid

– Pound.

A pile of pound coins

E.g. “I paid five quid for this ticket.”

• Chuck a left

– Take a left.

Chicken steering a car

E.g. “Go out the door, chuck a left, and walk down the hallway.”

• Dodgy

– Describes something that is unreliable or sketchy.

I think my umbrella is dodgy

E.g. “The umbrella I got online is a bit dodgy”

• Cheeky

– Used to describe someone who does something or says something disrespectful or rude, but says it in a cunning, amusing way. It’s used in a light-hearted way.

Cheeky Cockatoo knocking things down

E.g. If someone doesn’t hold the door for you: “Well, that’s cheeky.”

• Rubbish

– Nonsense, lies.

That's rubbish!

E.g. “I didn’t eat the last cookie.” “That’s rubbish!”

• Innit

– “Isn’t it?” This one is mostly used at the end of a sentence, and as a filler.

Leo Dicaprio Innit?

E.g. “London is such a great city, innit.”

So ring your mate, get out of your flat, chuck a left towards the grocery store, buy some snacks for under a tenner, and don’t forget to tell the cashier ‘cheers’.

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