The real US university experience

From the outside, everything about the US seems to be BIG. And the university experience is no exception.

There are a whopping 4,500 accredited Higher Education institutions in the States and a staggering one million international students have studied in the US!

And, incredibly, the US is home to seven of the top 10 world universities – and 15 of the top 20!

What’s it really like?

First up, you’ll have a roommate. Sharing a room is the norm in the US and it’s an integral part of the all-American university experience.

Everyone will tell you there’s a real sense of belonging to a university, which is a fantastic environment to study in.

Most campuses are huge and almost a city in their own right. Student life revolves around campus in a big way.

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Expect a lot of social events on campus because, at a US university, everyone lives together!

If you’ve heard of, and are interested in, the sororities and fraternities, do your research now and get in early, they are really popular.

Coast to coast

The US is a huge and diverse nation of States. Expect to see, and experience, a lot of differences – from the amazing scenery to the many types of cuisines. Each State and university has its own individual personality.

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East Coast universities tend to have a social scene that centers around sports, such as American football and basketball. The passion and commitment for sport on campus are truly infectious.

It can take a while to get your head around the currency – nickels, dimes and quarters, particularly. But your money goes a lot further in the US, not least with college costs.

Americans are known for being direct, but also friendly and open. And, you can usually experience their great hospitality by just going into a restaurant. It’s not unusual for a waitress to sit down at your table with you. Don’t forget to tip though!

What about the academics?!

The US has a legendary reputation for its teaching staff or faculty members as they’re called here.

There are lectures, class discussions and presentations, and reading and research.

The focus is on research, writing and presentation and critical thinking, as well as awareness of American culture.

This means having to throw yourself into campus and American life – it’s all about getting involved here!

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