Student Adventure: Journeying into Oregon’s wilderness

What’s it like camping in one of the world’s most beautiful wildernesses? INTO Oregon State University team member, Warren Lawless, tells us about a recent student adventure…

INTO OSU is an amazing location for outdoor activities. We’re located between two mountain ranges in the Willamette Valley and we’re also only an hour’s drive from the beach, so we have easy access to some really breathtaking scenery.

Recently, our INTO OSU Trips & Activities Assistant, Benjamin, took students on a camping trip to the beautiful Oregon coast. Camping was an entirely new experience for many of our students, as few had ever put up their own tent, made a campfire, cooked food on it, or slept beneath the stars.

So as you’d probably imagine, the first challenge was setting up the tents – struggling with poles, stakes and zippers was tricky at first but luckily our OSU Outdoor Rec Center experts were there to help. Next up was a walk to the beach before gathering round the campfire to tell stories, stare into the flames and listen to the calming sound of the sea. We’re sure the flavour of crispy campfire-roasted marshmallows is something they’ll never forget!

The next day everyone cooked breakfast on the fire before investigating the rocky cliffs around the coastline. After exploring the nooks and crannies carved out by the surf and finding long ribbons of washed-up sea kelp, it was time to head back to the comforts of home – and real beds. Our group were left with new friends, lasting memories, and an understanding of what the Oregon outdoors has to offer (and the odd bit of sand in their clothes too!)’.

Watch our video below (starring Benjamin Kibler) to learn more about outdoor adventures at INTO Oregon State University:

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