How to prepare for British weather

If you’re about to come to the UK for the first time and begin studying you’ve probably heard myths and legends about the great British weather. While some of the stories are true (yes, we can’t deny that we occasionally get a spot of rain, and January mornings can be…bracing), it’s really not all bad. In fact, having a variety of seasons is actually quite exciting!

We asked Cynithia, a student from Singapore who has studied at INTO University of Exeter and lived in the UK for two years, to give her advice on making the most of the great British weather.

Summer in Exeter

Cynthia and friends on campus in summertime…

What item of clothing or accessory can you never leave the house without?

An umbrella, or a jacket with a hood, because it can rain unexpectedly. I also like having a scarf on because it can keep you warm when it gets cold and it is not too heavy to carry around.

What is your favourite season in the UK and why?

Summer! The weather gets warmer and it’s the time that the flowers are really pretty and you can dress up nicely.

What activities do you look forward to doing in each of the seasons?

Autumn: Fresher’s week, the start of the term, and making new friends.

Winter: Christmas carolling at Exeter City Football Club with my flatmates, having a cup of hot chocolate with friends at home, CHRISTMAS DINNER!

Spring: Going to gym together with friends to look good for summer, shopping, picnics, BBQs and going to the beach.

Summer: Shopping and looking forward to going home.

How is the weather different from your home country?

I am from Singapore and it’s really warm throughout the year although it rains a lot during the months of November and December. Unlike the UK, Singapore doesn’t have four different seasons, but has a tropical rainforest climate.

INTO Exeter students wrapped up for Autumn

…and then wrapped up for autumn

What are the top 5 clothing items for UK weather?

1) Thermals

2) Knitwear

3) Stockings

4) Scarves

5) Leggings

What is the hottest temperature you have experienced in the UK and when was it?

Around 25C (77F) during summer.

What is the coldest temperature you have experienced in the UK and when was it?

Around -4C (32F) during winter.

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