5 top international supermarkets in Exeter

Did you know that Exeter has a variety of international supermarkets where you can buy all your home foods? 

Luckily for you and INTO University of Exeter students, all these stores are within a five-minute walk of each other. So pick as you choose – it’s not all fish, chips and scones here. 

We take a look around the local stores and asked our current students their favourite home ingredients to buy:


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1. Continental Food Stores

119-122 Old Tiverton Rd, Exeter EX4 6LD

It’s no surprise that the South West’s largest international supermarket stocks around 14 different nationalities cuisines. Continental Food Stores stocks a variety of dried goods that can be ordered in bulk.

International Supermarkets: Continental Food Stores

These include: Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Korean, Malay, Japanese, Iranian, Arabic, Turkish, African, Nigerian and Jamaican brands. Their food varies from frozen food to fresh vegetables to oils, rice and flours.

Did you know: you can order your food from them, and get it delivered for free to your INTO accommodation? 

International Supermarkets: Continental Food Stores

Their wide selection of fruit will keep your parents happy at home.

2. 168 Oriental Supermarket

3 Summerland St, Exeter EX1 2AT

This supermarket offers diverse selection of Asian cuisines from China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Singapore. If you are ever unsure of recipes to try and ingredients to purchase, then the helpful staff are on hand to assist you.

International Supermarkets: 168 Oriental Supermarket

One student gave us the lowdown on why she shops here:

Usually I go there to buy Chinese food such as noodles, because it’s convenient to buy here rather than shipping it from Hong Kong. It is relatively cheaper than other shops too. It’s ran by people from Hong Kong and I come from there so it’s really nice for me. They sell seasoning, spices, sauces and even fresh Chinese vegetables.

Did you know: 168 Oriental hosts exotic fruit such as the durian fruit hailed from Thailand?

International Supermarkets: 168 Oriental Supermarket

3. BHL Oriental Food Store

1-4 King William St, Exeter EX4 6PD

Some of the locals refer to this food store as a ‘one-stop oriental market’. BHL offers a range of Asian foods such as dumplings, buns, kimchi, sushi rice and Chinese sausages – as well as a variety of bubble teas to quench your thirst!

If you are looking for the freshest ingredients to cook with then be sure to take a note of their delivery days. They receive their deliveries of fresh vegetables directly from Thailand every Tuesday and Wednesday and they receive their fresh order of Chinese ingredients on Sunday.

International Supermarkets: BHL Oriental Food Store

Tanaporn Vicyanon from Thailand said:

In Thailand bubble tea is really popular but I find it hard to find over here. They sell them in Asian stores so that’s why I went there

International Supermarkets: BHL Oriental Food Store

BHL’s frozen range includes a range of fish – scallops, cuttlefish and lobster balls. As well as a wide range of vegetables including the popular, Pak Choi.

Top Tip: BHL Oriental Food Store offers a 10% student discount. So don’t forget to present your student card at the store.

4. Yonk Asian Foods

Summerland St, Exeter EX1 2AT

Yonk Asian foods is a ‘Taste of Asia’ in a small yet convenient store with a variety of Asian cuisine.

Chuthathip Pattamanuch from Thailand loves shopping here: “You can buy rice in small packages, which is good when you live alone. I also like their selection of instant noodles and Thai pastes.”

International Supermarkets: Yonk Asian Foods

They offer an amazing selection of Noodles, delicious oriental snacks and even bubble tea for those with a sweet tooth.

International Supermarkets: Yonk Asian Foods

5. Heera International Foods

5-6 Well St, Exeter EX4 6QR

Heera International describe themselves as “not your normal standard Supermarket” due to their extensive variety of international foods to choose from.

If you’re looking for a variety of continental foods head to Heera International. Their food selection includes Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Philippine, Turkish, African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European – (gasp) so you won’t be missing out!

International Supermarkets: Heera International Foods

Their selection of herbs and spices are a perfect addition to curries!

International Supermarkets: Heera International Foods

Don’t miss: Heera’s range of samosas, onion bhajis and Indian sweets when you fancy a snack.

International Supermarkets: Heera International Foods

Is it just us or are you hungry? 

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