An Instagrammer’s guide to Norwich

Hipster street food, holiday sunsets or going out selfies. If it’s not captured on your grid, did you even experience it?

So what better destination than Norwich to show your followers that you are having an amazing time and share your knack for discovering all the cool places to visit and fun things to do.

Norwich is the UK’s best-preserved medieval city. Of course it’s going to be picturesque! With cobbled streets galore, cute historic buildings and unique shops, it’s a photographer’s dream.

Hit the streets of this compact city to explore these Insta-friendly spots.

Norwich Cathedral

Capture shots of the second highest spire in England lit up at night or Harry Potter vibes in the cloisters. However you interact with Norwich Cathedral, there’s no denying it’s a pretty impressive piece of architecture.

Not just for worship, the Cathedral also hosts Christmas markets and previously a 50ft helter skelter fairground ride was installed as part of a festival! Who knows what other unusual things you may find in the Cathedral when you visit?

Norwich Market

If you think all markets are the same then think again. One of the largest permanent covered markets in Britain, you’ll find a vibrant mix of food, flowers, clothes, music and craft here.

The market’s brightly-coloured, striped roof tops are totally charming. Get your perfect market shot by including some street food you’ve just bought. Try Indian Feast in row A or the Dim Sum Place in rows D and E for some international flavours.

The Royal Arcade

Inside and outside, this historical shopping arcade is beautiful. Even the floor is a work of art! The arcade’s stunning glass ceiling will ensure all your poses are perfectly lit. Don’t forget to pop into the independent boutiques afterwards for some serious shopping.

Elm Hill

Step back in time on this cobbled street, which has been left unaltered for hundreds of years. Often used as a location for television and film productions, Elm Hill’s Tudor buildings will make an interesting backdrop to your shots. Marvel at the hundreds of teddy bears squeezed inside The Bear Shop – we challenge you not to walk away empty handed!

Biddy’s Tea Room

What kind of list of Insta-friendly places to visit in Norwich would this be if we didn’t include at least one place to grab a coffee, sit back and people watch? Get the perfect flat lay of your flat white with a side order of vintage interiors.

Extra points as this quaint café serves up homemade cakes and pots of tea – a truly British and delicious experience!

UEA’s Ziggurats

You may not have heard of the Ziggurats before, but if you’re studying on the University of East Anglia’s campus, you can’t fail to miss these pyramid-like halls of residence.

If you’re into architecture, you’ll appreciate these iconic buildings from the 1960s. And even if you’re not, you have to admit that the Ziggurats look impressive, especially in contrast to the University’s surrounding green campus!

Norfolk Broads

OK, so the Norfolk Broads aren’t actually in Norwich. But these beautiful wetlands are a must-visit when you are here.

Fill your grid with shots of dramatic landscapes, big skies, windmills and watery reflections. The quality of light here is magical, ensuring that #nofilter is needed.

Do you like the look of Norwich and want to discover your own Insta-friendly spots? This creative and safe city is just two miles from the University of East Anglia – a top UK university.

Thinking about studying at INTO University of East Anglia? You may like to meet the team!

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