Study adventure in China: ready for a new challenge

How do you take the plunge to study abroad?

Cathy did just that, and took the leap for a life-changing study adventure in China.

Having studied at Nankai University, now interning at the UN in Beijing, she tells us what inspired her journey…

adventure in China

Back in 2013, I faced a dead end. Specifically with my career.

I was a regular employee in a private, financial firm working an 8 to 5 shift for more than two years.

You can imagine how my day went; wake up, shower, go to work, eat lunch, go back home, and sleep.

That was my routine for more than two years.

Just a regular day in the office!

Disappointing, right?

My life resembled that of a robot; a routine lifestyle as well as an unchanging work pattern. Sometimes there were challenges but even those challenges became predictable.

One day, I snapped.


While I was doing my routine work, I stopped on what I was working on and then, I looked around.

It was the first time I really pondered on what I was doing. I realised I’d lost sight of what I really wanted to do with my life, and lost a sense of purpose.

I came from a far away province in the Philippines. I was born and raised there.

Philippines Nature

My hometown is surrounded by tall mountains, green farmlands, and abundant sunshine.

It is a little community far from the city where it is normal to know everyone.

I was a typical naive, country girl but, I had big and ambitious dreams and I suddenly realised that still have those big and ambitious dreams.

Firstly, I dream of studying abroad and secondly, I wanted to do things that would make a difference in this world. What a cliché, right?

Studying hard on an adventure in China

But hey, these cliché dreams of mine gave me the strong determination to still try and reach for what seemed impossible.

Up until now, these are still the reasons that keep me going everyday.

That is why, I gambled. My adventure in China was about to begin!

So now, I am where I started this whole story.

My forgotten dreams awoke me from my deep slumber. I suddenly realized it was the right time for me to pursue those dreams.

Follow your dreams as the sloth says

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