Countdown to INTO: why I can’t wait to study in the UK!

Debora 1

Debora with her Union Jack flag

How are you feeling about starting your INTO course? Excited? Nervous? Impatient?

We caught up with one new student, Debora Gomes Barbosa from Brazil, who’s counting the days till she arrives at INTO Manchester. She told us about her study abroad plans and how she’s already making friends with her future classmates online…

How are you feeling about studying in the UK?
 I have no words to describe how deeply excited I am about studying at INTO Manchester. The country, the university, the people and INTO make me feel very lucky to be having this great opportunity.

Have you met anyone from your INTO course yet?
Yes, I’ve met lots of new INTO students through Facebook and Instagram! They’re as excited as I am to be starting the course. Also, I met a former INTO student, Kair Dudaev, who’s told me how the program works and has helped me to understand what waits for me.

Have you studied abroad before?
Yes, in August 2011 I did a two-year high school exchange program in the USA. I lived with a host family in Washington State and graduated with a diploma. It was a great experience and an opportunity which I’m very thankful for as it’s allowed me to study in the UK.

Why did you choose the UK?
When I was in the USA I had plans to go to college there, but my host brother from Thailand told me about his plans to study in the UK. I got very interested in this possibility as I’ve been in love with the UK for a long time and love the English language! When I heard about the University of Manchester, I was sure it was the perfect place for me because of the prestigious name it has, the amazing city, the international people and the location.

And why did you pick INTO?
I heard about INTO through the coordinator who helped me with my USA exchange program. I looked at other programs but INTO just seemed to be the best one for me. I’ve been very happy with my choice.

Debora 2

Debora with her handmade Manchester emblem and wall decoration

What have you been doing to prepare for studying abroad?
The same things I did two years ago, before going to the USA. I’ve been preparing my documents, taking this time to learn more about what waits for me in England, and making sure I have everything I need once I get there.

What do you want to do and see while you’re in the UK?
I would like to travel around England and as many places in Europe as I can. I want to see all the historical sites and of course the big attractions in each of the British cities.

Good luck to Debora in her study abroad year, we hope she has an amazing time!

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