Ultimate playlist to help you focus on studying

There are two types of people: those who work best in total silence, and those who find studying more pain-free with some background music. If you’re the second type of person, the question is: what music should you be listening to to maximise your studying potential?

Everyone has different music tastes and go-to genres depending on their mood. Sometimes upbeat songs will complement your high energy studying, while other times more mellow tunes will be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed study session.

Either way, studying with background music is a great way to increase your concentration levels, lessen other distractions in the room, relax your mind and improve your performance. Here is our ultimate playlist to make the most of your study sessions.

Top 10 mellow songs for studying

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Nightbook – Ludovico Einaudi

Featuring synthesised sounds alongside classical piano playing, Nightbook is a beautiful mix of soft melodies with intermittent bursts of energy to keep you on your toes.

An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno

The posterchild of ambient music, Brian Eno’s music consistently stars in the silver screen. An Ending (Ascent) is one of his most beautiful, making you feel like you’re floating in space.

The Big Ship – Brian Eno

Featured in two Sundance Festival films, The Big Ship features a gradual rise and a sudden fade with layers of synthesisers and soft percussion to keep you alert, yet relaxed.

Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime – The Field

This cover version of Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime has a microhouse feel, incorporating minimalist techno beats with a dreamy synth melody.

Night Time – Superorganism

This electropop track is one of the few featuring lyrics on the list. Night Time is mellow yet upbeat, full of synthesised sounds and a soulful voice from the band’s Japanese lead singer.

Lush – Four Tet

A mellow mixture of ambient steel drum-like sounds and deep house melodies, Lush is the deep focus song you need to accompany you as you get lost in your studies.

Bloom – ODESZA

Synthpop is the ideal combination of soft sounds and energetic beats, and Bloom is no different. This majestic track features ODESZA’s signature synths with haunting vocals.

Hold Tight – Moods

Hold Tight is seven minutes of soulful melodic undertones fused with lo-fi beats and gentle yet energetic harmonies from Netherlands artist, Moods. Instrumental hip hop at its finest.

Snowcone – Deadmau5

Get lost in Snowcone – a softer song from Deadmau5 that combines elements of triphop, electronic and techno genres to create the perfect sound to act as your study buddy.

Midnight – Lane 8

With a smoothly flowing, soulful start that evolves into a melodic deep house beat, Midnight takes you on a musical journey. One that will effortlessly accompany your studies.

Top 10 upbeat songs for studying

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Awake – Tycho

Starting with soft guitar plucking and gradually introducing more energetic musical instruments, Aware is a chillwave track that will have you typing to its atmospheric beat.

Late Night – ODESZA

Another song from ODESZA, Late Night has a magical feeling with soft synthpop waves accompanied by a high energy beat and dreamy vocals. It’s sure to make you swoon.

Boredome (feat Violinvasion) – G Voz

An indie guitar line, pop beat and husky vocals combine to make an alternative indie track that will get your foot tapping. Boredome will definitely snap you out of any study boredom.

Mirage – Møme

French DJ, Møme, produces dance and electronic music fit for the charts. His song Mirage is a timeless track that takes inspiration from ’80s harmonies, with a very contemporary feel.

IPlayYouListen – ODESZA

The final song from ODESZA is IPlayYouListen – a joyful electronic track that will have you dreaming of warm summer evenings. The perfect motivation to get through your studies!

Boy From School – Hot Chip

Combining indie with dance, Boy From School has a high energy beat that will help to keep you alert during your study session, accompanied by soothing vocals to keep you grounded.

Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim

From Fatboy Slim, the creator of the big beat genre, Right Here, Right Now is a British ‘90s club classic that will keep your energy levels high and add some movement to your studying.

Hey Boy Hey Girl – The Chemical Brothers

Electronica titan, The Chemical Brothers, is next on the list with arguably their most popular song, Hey Boy Hey Girl. Need a dance break during a day of studying? Here you go!

Waited 4 U – Slow Magic

Incorporating signature dance beats, Slow Magic lives up to his name – bringing us upbeat, atmospheric music with a dreamy, magical feel. Waited 4 U is the perfect example of this.

Elude – Parcels

A mix of traditional melodies and contemporary electropop sounds, Elude is that much-needed pick-me-up instrumental song that will have you dancing in your desk chair.

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