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 places to study abroad

London, New York, Boston. Famous cities like these around the world are some of the most
popular places to study abroad for international students, and INTOStudy offers the chance
to do exactly this at destinations in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

The destinations offered by INTOStudy also include cities known for their universities and
higher education opportunities, places with their own particular appeal that reaches out to
students around the globe.

Cities like London and New York are cultural hubs, with a wealth of museums, theatres,
galleries and historical sites on offer and plenty of opportunity for students to immerse
themselves in diverse cultural experiences, to broaden their perspectives and to enrich both
their personal and academic lives.

When they’re not hitting the books, students can explore iconic landmarks and worldrenowned historical and cultural sites. In London this could be Big Ben, the Tower of London or
catching a show at a West End theatre. In New York, it can mean checking out Times Square or
Central Park, or strolling the legendary avenues of Manhattan.

These metropolises attract a diverse population, including on the academic and business fronts
with professionals, scholars and entrepreneurs drawn to them. This in turn can open the door
for valuable networking opportunities, in which students can interact with people from various
industries and backgrounds and forge connections that can lead to internships and job

Major cities are typically economic centres, where abundant job opportunities can be found
spread across different industries

INTOStudy helps international students from around the world study abroad, with a choice of
university opportunities in various cities around the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. In the
United Kingdom this includes London, Manchester and Newcastle in England, Stirling in
Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. In the USA it includes New York, Boston, St, Louis and
Illinois, as well as Tucson in Arizona and the college town of Corvallis in Oregon. In Australia it is
Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia – the country’s largest state and second
largest country subdivision in the world, after Russia’s Sakha Republic

For those considering studying in London as an international student, INTOStudy offers the City,
University of London, and INTO London: Business, Art and Social Sciences and INTO London,
STEM, Medicine and Health study centers for pathway programs onto universities across the
United Kingdom and Europe.

Hofstra University is located on Long Island an hour outside of New York City, while DREW
University is in Madison, just under an hour from New York City.

In Australia, INTOStudy offers The University of Western Australia in Perth, the state capital
located alongside the Indian Ocean and a picturesque city known for its easy-going outdoor
lifestyle, and for being the sunniest capital city in the country.

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