5 Reasons to Study Abroad


Is it worth leaving your family, friends and home behind to study in a foreign country? Well yes, we think it is!

We talk you through some of our favourite reasons to study abroad…

1. You’ll make new friends
Here’s the thing – before you arrive at your study destination you’ll probably be worried about coping with foreign currencies, menus and transport systems. But when you team up with your fellow students it becomes fun. You’re no longer lost in an unfamiliar city – you’re exploring it with your new friends. The experience of discovering a new country together creates friendships that can last a lifetime.
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2. You’ll have new experiences…
The great thing about being an international student is the novelty of it all – the architecture is different, the food is different, even the trees are different. It’s hard to be bored when you’re being treated to new scents, sounds and slang every day. Also, those famous national landmarks that you’ve only ever seen on postcards? They’re now only a train ride away!
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3. You’ll get to try exciting foods…
Do you know what chou dou fu is? Or haggis? Or hushpuppies? (answers below)*. One of the delights of being abroad is trying out the local “delicacies”. That weird dish the locals love that you swear you’ll never try? Trust us, it’ll soon be one of your favourites.
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4. You’ll build your confidence…
You did it. You went to a new place, made new friends and learned how to boil an egg. You even told your first joke in a foreign language – and people laughed! You know what this means, don’t you? It means that you’re a whole lot more confident (and independent) than you were before.
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5. You’ll boost your CV
Mentioning on your CV that you studied abroad is the equivalent of sprinkling gold fairy dust across it – employers love it. Why? Because to them it means that you’re independent, open-minded and adventurous. And they’re right – you are.
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* Answers:
Chou dou fu – Chinese street food, translates as “stinky tofu”.
Haggis – Scottish dish of oatmeal, barley and spices stuffed into a sheep’s stomach.
Hushpuppies – Southern U.S. dish of deep-fried cornmeal batter.

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