5 of the best campus pranks and flashmobs on YouTube

Student life, eh? So many friendships to make, weird pizza toppings to try and…practical jokes to pull. Here are INTO’s 5 favourite campus pranks by students with too much time on their hands…

1. One test more

Nervous about your exam? Release some tension by organising musical flashmobs. Best moment is the unexpected twist at 1.58. Did you see it coming?

2. Library rave

Burned out on studying? Descend upon your campus library for an impromptu rave. Remember to bring beach balls, glo-bracelets and a camera. The only rule? You have to disperse after 5 minutes. This might be the first and only time that crowd-surfing has featured in a library…

3. A guitar, a Christmas carol and…Darth Vader

Here’s a campus prank idea for you: assemble the ingredients of everything that people like – surprises, Christmas music, 80s science fiction villains – then launch it upon students during exam week. What do you have? The perfect festive flashmob cocktail.

4. Eternal start-up music

In the mood for irritating your fellow students, just for the heck of it? Turn on your laptop in a silent library and make sure that the annoying startup music drags on. And on. And on. Then wait to see how long it takes for someone to snap…

5. Hey Teach!

Got something important to say to your lecturer? Forget raising your hand – stand up, take a deep breath and sing your heart out, Broadway-style. Hats off to the professor for handling this with humour. Maybe the best campus prank ever.

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