Weird things that happen at medical school

For our med students, it’s completely normal to see doctors rushing around and hear an air ambulance landing on the helipad on the roof!

However, to outsiders, the things that happen at medical school can be a bit unusual.

We asked our students to share some of their favourite weird experiences from their time inside the mysterious world of medical school.

medical school

Once you’re in medical school, you automatically start thinking you have all the strange diseases you learn about. Once you start feeling like you’re gaining a bit of weight, you automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s Cushing’s!”

Bukola, USA, Third Year International Medicine.

Donna at medical school

One thing that is weird but I think it’s pretty brilliant at the same time is the fact that many of my lectures are taught by real doctors in hospitals. Although that does means our timetable can be changed anytime unexpectedly, according to the doctors surgical schedules. Listening to the real-time experiences from them makes me feel like I am genuinely part of this healthcare community.”

Donna, Korea, Third Year Biomedicine.


You become really aware of your own gut, lungs and heart sounds because you lie in bed at night and listen to them with your stethoscope.”

Bukola, USA, Third Year International Medicine.

For me, it has been having lecturers sometimes show up to give lectures in scrubs, combined with hair nets and shoe covers.”

Rutendo, Zimbabwe, First Year International Graduate Medicine.

medical school

One thing that I would consider a weird experience was our introduction to one of the rules of the dissection room. Towards the end of the session we were made aware of a rule that seemed to be common sense but was necessary – no removal of the protections or parts of the cadavers!”

Nathan, Canada, First Year International Graduate Medicine.

Our lecturer told us that 70% of all medical students will think they have the illness they’ve been learning about. I think it’s called Medical Student Syndrome.”

Kavya, Canada, First Year International Graduate Medicine.

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