Study tips: 5 alternatives to studying in the library

Bored of studying in the library? Sometimes it’s good to mix things up a little.

Leslie, from INTO University of South Florida, recommends some alternative places to cram for exams…

Sleepless nights. Open books everywhere. Too much pizza. Studying can be stressful but finding the right place to do it can make all the difference. Here are 5 great study spots.

1. Your room

If you’re going to have an all-day cramming session, why not do it in comfort?

The great thing about studying at home is that you can read your notes in your pyjamas while snacking on chocolate chip cookies.

That’s not something you can get away with in the library! Student accommodation

2. A local cafe

Cafes can be fun spots to study in and as most have Wi-Fi, it’s easy to do research there. Be on the lookout for ones with special discounts or loyalty cards – you might as well get a free coffee out of it!EffectiveStudy4

3. A friend’s place

Studying at a friend’s place is a great change of scene. Plus, it can be effective to team up with classmates for revision.

So find some study buddies and make it a social experience!

4. The classroom 

If you’re allowed, why not arrive early for class or stay behind late to study? Classrooms are often the most peaceful places to revise as you get to be alone and have some quiet time. What’s great is that you can even take advantage of the books, printers and chalkboards available in the space.EffectiveStudy1

5. Outdoors 

Believe it or not, places like the park or beach are great places to study – as long as the weather is nice! Studying outdoors gives you the chance to revise in a quiet, private place while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

study outside in the summer

Leslie is an INTO intern currently studying Broadcast Program & Production at the University of South Florida.

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