INTO China: Journey to the tip of the clouds

Wondering what kind of adventures you can have while studying in China? Our INTO China students took some amazing photos on a recent camping trip to the famous Mount Tai (Taishin). We thought we’d share them with you…

INTO students climbing the 6500 steps of Mount Tai – now that’s what we call a work out!

A well-deserved break at the cliffside temple.

The famous stone inscriptions on the cliff walls.

Exhausted…but still smiling.

INTO China student trip to Shandong 2

A thumbs up at the summit!

Curious to learn more about the study in China experience? Read Jaila’s experiments with Chinese street food and about a class trip to the Great Wall. Then read about Sarah’s summer school adventure in China.


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  1. May 17, 2017

    […] in China is worth it just for the experience – every day there are new sights to see, new foods to try and new adventures to have. But what are the benefits for your […]

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