Enter, the Dragon

According to the traditional Chinese zodiac calendar, with the dawn of the Chinese New Year on Monday we have now entered the year of the Dragon.

Dragons are the only mythical creature to feature in the Chinese zodiac, and they appear as a powerful and highly recognisable symbol throughout Chinese culture. It is said that the Dragon – the 5th sign – is actually the mightiest of the Eastern zodiac signs. So if you’re lucky enough to have been born under this influence, what does it say about you?

We’ve done a bit of research into the personality of the Dragon, and shared our findings. Does this sound like any of the Dragons you know?

Overall, those born in the year of the Dragon are said to be confident and enthusiastic. They are not afraid to take risks, and often prefer to work alone, to rule out the possibility that they end up being governed by somebody else.

Dragons can be magnetic and mesmerising, in both their appearance and their personality. However, they quite like their own company, which can sometimes come across as arrogance. This is usually not the case, it’s simply that they’re not afraid to strike out on their own. One thing to note about the Dragon is that legendary temper, which can flare up without warning.

Dragon people are thought to enjoy careers where they are able to lead and be independent. They’re generally creative beings, so any job that manages to combine the two traits is ideal for them.

In relationships, Dragons are considered to be particularly compatible with people born under the sign of the Rat or the Monkey, as these folks possess qualities that keep the fiery, independent Dragons on their toes.

Much of how a Dragon’s character comes across depends on which element accompanies it. This year is a Water year, therefore the fire in Dragons born now is calmed, and the personality is more balanced clear-headed. The table below highlights the stand-out traits for each element.

Water Dragon (1952 & 2012) Calmer, clear-headed, individual in their decision making
Metal Dragon (1940 & 2000) Strong characters, determined leaders
Wood Dragon (1904 & 1964) Creative and pioneering, sociable but always in charge
Earth Dragon (1928 & 1968) Rational, controlled, enjoy admiration, empathetic
Fire Dragon (1916 & 1976) Impulsive, emotional, quick tempered

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