9 of the best free apps for students

Technology is great – and it’s even better when it can help you to become a successful student!

From organising your timetable to helping you find your way around, we’ve chosen ten of the best free apps for students…

Keep reading to discover the best iOS and Android apps designed to make your student life easier. 

The Instagram app is available on the app store

1.     Instagram

Ok – we know that studying abroad isn’t just about studying – it’s about having the experience of a lifetime! Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that lets you take pictures and videos, apply cool filters, and share them with your friends online. We love Instagram here at INTO and we’re always sharing your photos.

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Class Timetable App Icon

2.     Class Timetable

At the start of a new term you’ll have a new academic schedule and to make sure you never miss a thing, you can digitalise your timetable with an app that lets you put in the times and locations of all your classes. It is also available here for Android.

Increase your productivity with Evernote


3.     Evernote

This is a really cool app that allows you to get creative when you’re taking notes. As well as note-writing, you can take photos, record audio and share your saved items with other mobile devices. One of our favourite features is the camera function which lets you photograph pages from text books. 

Find the Trello app on the app store

4.    Trello

Sometimes you can get so busy that it’s hard to remember to do everything! But you can keep on top of your ‘To do’ list with Trello, a nifty list-writing, life-managing app. Not only do you get the satisfaction of ticking off the jobs you’ve done, but you can share lists – so it’s great for organising group projects in your class. You can even integrate it with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to upload files, as well as adding links and photos to your tasks, and setting alarms for due dates.

Improve your study life with app translate

5.     Google Translate

Available on Android and iOS, this app has to be a necessity for students learning a new language. Having a translator on your phone can help you to improve your vocabulary and communication skills when you’re out and about, plus the audio feature can assist you with your pronunciation.

Having the google translate app is great for studying on the go

6.     Google Maps

Another app from Google that’s very useful for students – especially when you’re exploring a new city. Everybody gets lost sometimes and this map app is great for finding your way around. One of its best features is the option to find a route on public transport – it even tells you which number bus to catch and at what time it will arrive!

The big oven app will help you avoid hunger and increase your productivity

7.      Big Oven

One of the challenges of living in a new country is getting used to the food but an even bigger challenge is being able to cook it! This can get pretty tricky but Big Oven will solve all these problems. Just enter a few ingredients and the app will find you a recipe – perfect for leftovers in your cupboard.

Use the Red Laser app to scan bar codes and save money on purchases

  8.     Red Laser

Being a student means that you’re probably living on a tight budget, so this price comparison app is ideal for savvy shopping. Just enter a keyword search or scan the barcode of the item you want (anything from laptops to shoes) and Red Lazer searches for the best price across stores.

The exam countdown app helps you prepare for your exams and assignments

  9.     Exam Countdown

Get on top of revision early with the Exam Countdown app. This does exactly what it says on the tin – counts down the days until your exams. All you need to do is add the subject and date of your exam, and you’ll never get caught short!

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  1. Tim Bander says:

    Thanks for the post! Haven’t heard of Red Laser yet, but I will try it out for sure 😉
    For time management I use 30/30 for completing specific tasks and AI ToDo for planning my day, works best for me

  2. Jane says:

    Some great app choices – all sure to help in getting you ready and organised for student life! Evernote is a particularly helpful one in getting all your notes organised and made easily accessible. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing. A great selection of apps here for students. We have also compiled a list of our top apps have a look https://www.icslearn.co.uk/blog/posts/2016/april/top-ten-studying-apps-for-high-school-students/

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