Combat stress and become a master in exam revision

Exam and revision stress can be a challenging part of university life. Fear not! 

Here’s our tips for avoiding stress during the exam revision season and making the process a breeze. Time to take note…

Plan ahead and be prepared

Lack of planning is one of the top reasons for exam stress – avoid this by creating an exciting revision timetable.

Map out all your subject areas with key revision dates, then highlighting when and where the exams will be held.


Get creative!

Be flexible and take time out

Allow yourself breaks from studying and add this to your revision timetable.


Whether it’s seeing friends for a coffee, catching up on Netflix or even trying to beat your top score on Candy Crush Saga.

Sleep well and catch those ZZZZZs

Getting the right amount of sleep and going to bed at a decent hour will help with staying alert and ready for another day of studying.

So wear your favourite onesie, grab your teddy bear and enjoy an early night! Ahh…


Get active and boost your energy

Walk, run, cycle, dancing or doing jumping jacks will all help towards boosting your energy levels. Meditation and yoga are another way to stay alert and combating stress.


Why not make it a social event and take a few friends along with you?

Find your quiet spot

Your study environment will make a difference to your mood whilst studying – why not find a spot in the sun in a quiet park and let nature be the backdrop for a study session?

Eat well and often

By eating a healthy balanced meal often, you allow yourself the energy needed to get you through a busy day.

Include a mixture of fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy carbs – a balanced meal for a balanced mind.


Remember to stay well hydrated too!

Top Tip: why not reward yourself with a little treat at the end of day? Chocolate cronut, anyone?

It’s good to talk

Talking with a close friend is an excellent way to alleviate your revision stress. Who knows, they could be going through the same as you!


Remember, you’re not alone; you can always speak to one of our dedicated Student Services team members who will be on hand to help.

Find out why it’s useful to know your learning style. Or view our 13 study tips for success infographic.

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