7 reasons to study a Pre-Master’s pathway 

Planning to start your postgraduate studies in the UK? Check out our Pre-Master’s pathway – an intensive program that will prepare you for success on a wide range of Master’s degree courses in just 3–12 months. 

Here’s what your journey could look like:

Why study a Pre-Master’s program? 

1. Secure your place at a UK university 

The Pre-Master’s program is specifically designed to help you secure a place on your chosen postgraduate program at a top UK university. You’ll broaden your subject knowledge, improve your English language skills and receive expert support from day one. 

INTO offers a wide variety of pathway programs in partnership with top universities across the UK, meaning an INTO Pre-Master’s course is an assured way to prepare for and succeed in your postgraduate studies. 

2. Prepare for your postgraduate studies  

Want to become an expert in your field or shift to a new career? A UK Pre-Master’s program could be the first step towards building your success.  

The Pre-Master’s program is like a trial run for your Master’s degree. It will equip you with a deeper understanding of your subject area, so you’ll feel more confident in your knowledge and ready to achieve your best. 

Some universities also allow INTO Pre-Master’s students to progress to selected Master’s degree unrelated to their undergraduate degree upon completion of their program. 

3. Enhance your career prospects

Most Master’s degrees in the UK only last for a year, so even if you study a 3 term Pre-Master’s, you’ll complete your full study plan after 2 years as well. Want to finish your master’s degree faster? We even offer super short 1 term Pre-Master’s programs for some degrees and universities. 

If you need support in preparing for your entry to a top-ranked UK university, you can check out the Pre-Master’s options at our ‘Choice’ centers. Here, you’ll receive expert support to apply for your perfect-fit university. 

4. Understand the UK’s teaching and learning style 

One of the key benefits of the Pre-Master’s program is that you’ll get to experience university-style postgraduate teaching as part of your pathway course. We’ll make sure you’re familiar with UK learning practices before you start your degree, including teaching styles, assessment methods and the level of self-directed study and commitment expected from postgraduate students at UK universities. 

In addition to lectures, you’ll learn how to conduct independent research, participate in seminars, write academic papers and engage in critical discussions with your peers. Thanks to this experience, you’ll get the best possible tools for academic success.

5. Improve your research and academic English skills 

Improving your English language skills will give you a huge advantage in your postgraduate studies. Depending on your chosen degree, you may need to write research papers, read a pile of books and publications and complete oral examinations. 

Our Pre-Master’s programs include English language modules that not only help you achieve the entry requirements for your chosen degree but will also help you communicate your research studies with confidence. 

6. One visa, one study plan

Our iCAS (integrated Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)* options allow you to combine your pathway preparation with a UK degree, meaning you’ll only need one visa for the full duration of your study plan – with no need to spend time or money renewing your visa between each program. 

Read this blog to learn how iCAS can make your study-abroad adventure hassle-free

7. Get exposed to diverse cultures 

The UK is a top study destination for students from all over the world, so you’ll be in good company. Here, you’ll interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, expanding your worldview and helping to foster an open-minded approach to life.   

This will also enhance your interpersonal skills, provide lasting friendships and grow your professional network in preparation for a globally successful career. 

What are the academic and English language requirements for a Pre-Master’s pathway? 

The academic and English language requirements depend on the course, the university and term length of your desired course. The Pre-Master’s program is suitable for non-UK or EU students who: 

  • are at least 17 years old, depending on the age requirements set by the center 
  • have completed an undergraduate degree (3–5 years) in their home country or in the UK, with good academic standing 
  • have a previous study in a relevant academic discipline 
  • have a portfolio of creative or academic work 
  • have a relevant experience to the course if you don’t have formal academic qualifications (most UK universities ask for a CV or resume for prospective postgraduate students). 

English language requirements for the Pre-Master’s differ across our Centers, depending upon the academic level of your program. For students that require a Student visa and are studying a course below degree-level, you will need to have taken a UKVI SELT and have scores equivalent to IELTS 4.0 overall and in all subskills, for visa purposes**. If you are studying a course at degree-level or above, you do not need to take a SELT, but must provide an acceptable English Language test with scores equivalent to IELTS 5.5 overall and in all subskills. For more information on accepted qualifications please see: www.intostudy.com/ielts-ukvi.

* Integrated Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (iCAS) is a program combining a Pre-Master’s pathway with a master’s degree program, enabling international students to study in the UK with a single visa from pathway to university. Other conditions may include criteria such as retaining your status as a non-UK or EU student. For full details, see www.intostudy.com/terms.
** Note that entry requirements for the course itself may be higher than this.

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