7 reasons to choose the International Year One pathway 

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Can’t decide which UK pathway program is right for you? Check out the International Year One – a one-year program that leads to Year 2 of your undergraduate degree, saving time and money. 

Here’s what your journey could look like: 

What are the benefits of the International Year One? 

1. A guaranteed route to university 

Each International Year One program is created and validated by your chosen university, so you’ll receive an education that meets their standards. As long as you meet the grade requirements and any other conditions set by the university, you’ll be guaranteed a place on your chosen degree. 

2. Saving time and money

Unlike other pathway programs that require an extra year of study, the International Year One program lets you complete your degree in the same amount of time as domestic students. Because you’ll spend less time studying, you’ll spend less money on accommodation and fees – so it’s a win-win! 

3. Single visa throughout your study 

Most international students need 2 visas – 1 for pathway and 1 for university degree. At some of our Centers, we offer International Year One programs that are already combined with an undergraduate degree through (iCAS)1. With this continuous study plan, you’ll avoid the hassle and the extra costs of visa renewal in between your studies. One visa, one study plan, no fuss. 

4. Improving your knowledge and skills 

The program offers an excellent opportunity to develop your understanding of key academic subjects related to your chosen degree. As well as improving your academic skills, you’ll also have time to get confidence in speaking and writing in English before you start university. 

A pathway program also allows you extra time and space to settle into life abroad, making sure you’re ready to tackle the challenges of independent university life. 

5. Experiencing university-style teaching 

Different countries use different methods of teaching, so your International Year One program is designed to help you adjust to the UK’s academic style. You’ll gain experience through university-style teaching, with full support from your teachers and dedicated INTO center staff. 

Many modules are structured to mirror the university’s course content, and some pathway options even involve studying alongside university students – so you’ll truly be immersed in the university community.

6. 1-to-1 support and guidance 

At INTO, we aim to provide a student support experience like no other. As well as full academic support from your teachers, you’ll also have access to an unrivalled level of welfare support. From on-campus accommodation officers and dedicated Personal Tutors, to helping you with administrative tasks like registering with a doctor or renewing your visa, we’re here for you every step of the way.  

You’ll also receive expert guidance on your university application and help choose the right degree for you if you’re unsure about it. 

7. Exposure to diverse cultures 

The UK is a top study destination for students from all over the world, so you’ll be in good company. This means you’ll interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, expanding your worldview and creating an open-minded approach to life. 

Forming friendships with your classmates doesn’t just make studying abroad more fun – it creates lasting connections and networking opportunities that could be useful when it comes to building your future career. 

Is the International Year One right for you? 

The International Year One is suitable for non-UK or EU students who: 

  • are at least 16 years old 
  • have an IELTS result of 5.0 or higher, depending on the course and term length (many INTO Centers also offer a supporting Academic English course if you don’t meet this requirement) 
  • have completed A-levels or an equivalent qualification, or 
  • have completed a recognized International Foundation program, or equivalent, or 
  • are in the first year of a relevant undergraduate degree in their home country, but don’t meet the academic or English language requirements for entry to a UK university. 

You can also find out what makes the International Year One different to the International Foundation, helping you make the best choice for your study abroad journey. 

1 Integrated Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (iCAS) is a program combining undergraduate degree with a pathway program, enabling international students to study in the UK with a single visa from pathway to university, subject to meeting the requirements of the university. Other conditions may include criteria such as retaining your status as a non-UK or EU student. For full details, see www.intostudy.com/terms.

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