5 friends you shouldn’t lose after you graduate

You’ve just finished your study abroad year. You’ve said goodbye to your classmates. You’ve promised to stay in touch with everyone – and maybe you really meant it.

But let’s be realistic – even with Facebook to connect us all, friends often fall away in time. The truth? You probably won’t keep in contact with every single one of your study abroad buddies.

But here are 5 types of friend you should try to hang on to for as long as possible.

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1. The high-achieving friend

This person knows where they’re going and how to get there.

They always got top marks in class, managed to hand in assignments a week early and still seemed to have time for other stuff (student council, volunteering, sports clubs – you name it).

Stay in touch with this friend as they won’t ever allow you to get lazy about your life.

They’ll motivate and encourage you at every turn, and when that doesn’t work, they’ll nag you instead. You need them.


2. The friend who’s totally different from you (on the surface, at least)

They come from a different country, culture and background to you.

They speak a different native language. Their experience of life hasn’t been the same as yours.

But despite this, you connected straight away. You’ve learned a lot from each other during your study abroad year, you’ve broadened each other’s horizons.

So don’t lose them – bonds that can overcome differences are often the most special of all.

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3. The friend who shares your dream

Whether it’s to be an entrepreneur, pharmacist or the world’s most famous juggler, you and this friend have the same dream in common.

And even though you’re heading to different corners of the world, you can still support each other from afar.

This is a friend to swap advice and wisdom with, and who’ll understand what you’re going through. Best of all you can cheer each other on, every step of the way.

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4. The friend who stays friends with everyone else

They knew the names of everyone on your course by the end of the first day. They were friends with everyone by the end of the first week.

An expert networker, they’re the person most likely to keep in contact with people after you graduate.

Stay pals with them (though they’ll make sure of it even if you don’t), as they’ll always be a link to those people-you-never-quite-stayed-in-touch-with.

Plus, they’ll have the latest gossip on everyone, fulfilling your annual “where are they now?” curiosity quota.

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5. The best friend

If you lose this one, you’ll regret it. This person was with you all the way through your study abroad year – they sampled weird food with you, got lost in new places with you, and force fed you coffee during all-night study sessions.

Most importantly, they also talked you out of homesickness when you needed it most. No matter where you go next or what you do, never lose touch with this person.

You shared one of the best experiences of your life with them and they’ll connect you to that time forever.

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