What to do on your summer break?

School’s out – Yeeeah! All that hard work definitely deserves a well-earned break. So what now?

With the summer break stretching over a few months, we’ve thought up some fun and creative ideas to help you make the most of your time off…

1. Take a trip to somewhere awesome

This is your chance to see more of the world, so why don’t you grab your closest friends, plan an adventure, and discover new and exciting places.

Or you can simply head to the coast for sun, sea and relaxation!

Summer holiday road tripDid someone say road trip?

2. Get blogging!

Use your time creatively. Share your study abroad journey with your peers through blogging or vlogging what you have experienced.

How about including your summer holiday adventures and stay in touch with friends and family?

Get blogging

Showcase your time spent abroad and stay connected with your international friends!

3. Have a good clear out

Use your time to get rid of clutter that surrounds your room.

Be bold and think of fun ways to revamp your space – how will the change help towards your study environment when you’re back in the books?

Clean your room

A zen room for a clear and peaceful mind – Mum will be pleased!

4. Volunteer with a charity

Whether it’s for one week or two, giving up your free time is a fulfilling way to spend the summer.

Not only will you be helping your community, you’ll be able to build up a nice profile for your C.V.

Volunteer with a charity

5. Get a summer job

Okay, so not quite the relaxing task you had in mind, but getting a job is another way to spend the summer months.

You’ll have the chance to meet new people, build up essential working skills AND get paid doing it!

Summer Job

6. Festivals and Live Events

Summertime marks the start of many festivals and live events.

Use your spare time to watch your favourite bands play, or even discover brand new music you wouldn’t have thought of listening to!

Summer festivals

You’ve worked hard now it’s time to relax and enjoy the summer break!

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