10 ways to have fun for free

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Fun stuff that doesn’t cost a penny? Yes please!

If you’re a student then you’re probably on a budget. But the question is – are you going to let that stop you from having a good time? We hope not!

We talk you through ten ways to have fun for free – without reaching into your pocket…

1. Get free cinema tickets
“But how?” we hear you ask. It’s quite simple – a number of companies offer free preview tickets to films that haven’t been released yet. If you’re studying in the UK, try Tellten or Show Film First, and for the US try Campus Circle. Remember to get your friends to subscribe too!

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Open mic nights are a great way to experience local musical talent.

2. Head to an open mic night

Open mic nights are a great way to experience local musicians in bars or cafes. Admittedly, we’re cheating slightly with this one because though you’re not usually charged admission, you’ll need money for a coffee or pint. But surely it’s worth it for an evening’s free entertainment?

3. Visit museums and art galleries
Many museums and art galleries don’t charge for admission or have weekly free entry times, so find out what’s on offer. You don’t have to wait till you’re working full-time to add “culture vulture” to your list of attributes!

4. Write reviews
Interested in writing for your campus magazine? It can mean free cinema tickets, gig passes and sometimes even meals in restaurants. If you have decent writing skills and aren’t afraid to express your opinion, then get involved. The same goes for local magazines and websites.

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Have a clothes swap party with your friends and grab some new outfits.

5. Have a clothes swap party
You know those clothes that you packed for studying abroad? The ones that you’ve never worn, even months after arriving? Face it, you and those clothes haven’t clicked – they’ll never see the light of day. So why not arrange a clothes swap party with your friends? Who knows, you might end up creating a whole new look for yourself…

6. Try out a free gym pass
Almost every gym offers free passes to try their facilities. Obviously, if you’re going to join any gym it should be your university one – it’s the cheapest and most convenient. But it can be fun to try out other places at zero cost. Plus the more you try, the fitter you’ll become!

7. Get pampered with a friend
Most Beauty or Hairdressing courses at local colleges offer free evenings of treatments and cuts delivered by students (and fully supervised by lecturers). The same goes for salons too, so phone around to see what’s on offer and take a friend along for a night of pampering.

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Walking doesn’t cost anything…

8. Go to a “scratch” theatre performance
A “scratch” performance is a show without a rehearsal – it involves actors reading from a script that they haven’t seen before. They’re often free and though it won’t be a polished production, you’ll get to see something new. Keep a look out on local theatre website listings.

9. Perfect the art of browsing
Learn to enjoy the experience of simply browsing around shops without spending a penny. It takes discipline but it’s also fun. Go to vintage shops and put together silly outfits, spend the afternoon in a cosy bookshop, or collect complimentary samples from fancy makeup counters. Just remember to leave your bankcard at home!

10. Just…walk
You’re studying abroad to experience a new place, right? In that case, get out of your room. Better still – get out of the city! When the weather’s nice, team up with your classmates and head into the countryside for a hike. You’ll get fresh air, lots of exercise and best of all, see more of the beautiful country that you’re studying in (but don’t forget to take a picnic!).

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