Global Culture: 5 Easter questions answered


If you’re an international student in the UK or US, then it’s probably obvious to you by now that Easter is here.

But before you yell “Geronimo” and dive into a giant basket of chocolate eggs, we answer some common questions about the festival…

Question 1: What is Easter?
Easter is an important Christian festival. However, many people enjoy Easter as a non-religious holiday when they can visit their families, exchange chocolate eggs and watch old Hollywood musicals on TV (The Sound of Music is a favourite). 

Question 2: What’s with all the chocolate eggs?
Chocolate eggs have been popular Easter gifts for the last hundred years or so. However, eggs have always been linked to the festival. Why? Because they have both a Christian and a seasonal significance. So happy munching (but remember to share)!

Question 3: Who’s the Easter Bunny?
Basically, the Easter Bunny is the Santa Claus of springtime. Children across the world believe that this magical creature brings them chocolate eggs every year (of course, it’s really good old mum and dad who provide the goodies). But why a bunny? Because rabbits, along with chicks and daffodils, symbolise spring. Now for the bad news: if you’re over the age of seven, the Easter Bunny probably isn’t going to visit you anytime soon…

Question 4: Why is it called ‘Easter’?
(Serious professor face) The name probably comes from an ancient European goddess named Ēostre, who was associated with spring and fertility. So now you know, if anyone ever asks…images-1

Question 5: Why is Easter on a different date every year?
Easter is linked to the moon cycle, not the calendar, which is why the date changes every year. However, as it’s a spring festival, it’s always between 22nd March and 25th April.



Happy Easter everyone!

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