Student guide: art galleries of the North

Cindy from Myanmar, shares with us her favourite art galleries worth exploring in Northern England and Scotland.

She studied an Art and Design Foundation with INTO Manchester, in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. 


Of course, the first stop has to be Manchester where I’m a Student. I have my two favourite galleries right here in the city.

The Whitworth, Manchester

I’ve been here a  few times already, it’s just a bus ride from Parkway Gate, where I live and very near to Mansion Park accommodation.

The best thing about this place are the Tuesday talks – you can listen to artists discuss their work, which is very useful.

Manchester Art Gallery

Again, very easy to get to. This gallery is a great to do your art and design research and review the works of local artists. I really like seeing the sculptures they have there.


Next stop has to be Liverpool. It’s just under an hours away by train from Manchester and the galleries are all close to each other.

The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

If you are inspired by Greek Goddesses and interested in the mythology and fables of Greece – then this is the place for you!

I found that a lot of the paintings were from different centuries so it’s great for fine art research and inspiration.

Student Guide: The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Tate Liverpool

My tutor is always encouraging us to visit this place – it’s full of modern art that is so inspiring for my work.

What’s great about this place are the talks that are held by artists. Here, you can listen to them discuss their work and you can ask them questions.


Glasgow is another great city to explore if you’re an art student. It did take me seven hours to travel to by coach, but I had the best company from my friend, which made it an easy journey.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

The interior design of this art gallery is magnificent, so any student studying art should check it out! It’s very different from galleries I’ve been to before, with the art work being displayed in really interesting ways.

As you walk into the entrance you are greeted by big hanging heads coming down from the ceiling. This is the signature piece of the museum known as The Floating Heads of Kelvingrove. As the lights changed colour, it was so beautiful and interesting to see how the work was presented.

Glasgow Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow

This gallery is located in the city centre and really easy to get to. Here, they focus on displaying modern art from local artists.

It’s very suitable for people who want to explore different mediums, as I saw lots of things linked to neon lights and signs that I haven’t seen before.

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