Taste test: exploring American food in 6 classic dishes

Your guide to classic American food.

Warren from INTO Oregon State University gives Abdelmoneim from Libya six classic American dishes to try.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. 

When students come from overseas, that’s often their first choice for meals. 

But there is so much more to try; keep reading for a taste of real American food!

Abdelmoneim from Libya trys six classic US dishes

Taste Test 1: Potato salad

First up is potato salad, a staple at BBQs and a classic summertime dish. What did Adbelmoneim think?

It tastes amazing. It had a great mixture of onion, mustard, carrots and smashed potato. I wanted more.”

Potato salad - a typical american dish at BBQ's

Taste Test 2: Devilled eggs

A classic party food. Boiled eggs are cut in half, then the yolks are mashed together with mayonnaise, spices and diced onion, then spooned back into the halved egg white.

It looks a little odd, but tasted great!” said Adbelmoneim.

deviled eggs - a classic American food

Taste Test 3: Chicken pot pie, classic American food

Chicken pot pie was Adbelmoneim’s favourite.

I like this kind of food! The mix of vegetables, chicken and pastry is delicious.”

Chicken Pot Pie a US classic

Taste Test 4: Gumbo

Our next dish is Gumbo, a traditional creole soup from the area around New Orleans.

Gumbo is served over rice and usually has sausage and chicken or a variety of seafood.

Rice is my favourite dish, and the gumbo has amazing taste. I like it with its special black pepper seasoning!”

Gumbo - a tasty US dish

Taste Test 5: Salted caramel whoopie pie

Next we move on to dessert with salted caramel whoopie pie!

These are sometimes call “big fat Oreos,” as they are made with sweet cream sandwiched between two small round cakes.

I like it. It would be the best dessert to enjoy with a cup of coffee.”

American food - the famous whoopie pie

Taste Test 6: Boston cream pie

Boston cream pie is next and was a great way to finish the meal.

For the first time since I came here, I feel that my mother has cooked something for me. This reminded me of my mother’s cake back home in Libya. I really loved it.”

Boston cream pie

There is so much more to traditional American food than just hamburgers and hot dogs!

Abdelmoneim is studying Academic English at INTO Oregon State University.

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