Arriving at your accommodation

The past few weeks have seen huge cohorts of new students arriving in our Centres, having embarked upon their INTO journey.

Here, Eleanor Dann, Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator at INTO University of Exeter talks you through what to expect when arriving at your accommodation in Exeter. She has even made a video so you can see it first hand…

Your life as an international student in the UK is just about to begin, but your journey probably started a long time ago. Travelling across the world to Exeter can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. No doubt, after the adrenaline has kept you awake through the jet lag, you will be keen to get settled in to your room and start exploring. It’s important that you get familiar with your surroundings as soon as possible, so that you can begin enjoying your time in Exeter.

So, what happens when you reach your destination and finally step on to the University of Exeter campus on Arrivals Weekend?

When you arrive at the accommodation, Duryard Halls, student helpers will direct you to the correct Halls of Residence. The Halls all have names of local rivers, and you will have been assigned a Hall before you arrive. Once you find your new home, a team of INTO Staff will be there to welcome you and give you some information about the location, the facilities and what you will need to do as a student living on campus at the University of Exeter.

The staff will show you a map of the area and explain everything you need to know about living in Exeter, including:

• where the nearest shops and bus stops are;
• how to get to the INTO building;
• how and where to find your Resident Mentors, and what sorts of things they can help you with;
• your accommodation inventory, and how to fill it in.

You will also receive a written copy of everything that they tell you. During this initial welcome talk, it’s a good opportunity to ask as many questions you can think of, so that you feel wholly prepared before you start your induction with INTO. It will also be a good opportunity to meet some of the student services team at INTO before you start your classes.

Once the welcome chat is complete, you will be given your room key, and a member of staff will take you there. INTO provide a welcome pack in your room, and a goodie bag with food in, just in case you arrive late at night and you’re hungry!

If you have chosen to stay in a room with a shared kitchen, the staff will show you where this is, and how to access it. The key fob to your room also gives you access to the kitchen. INTO provide all the kitchen equipment you will need as well as plates and cutlery and a cupboard to store your food in.

See what to expect when you arrive at your accommodation here:

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