5 things I’ve learned from studying abroad

Lyssetta Teo - 2There’s so much more to studying abroad than what you’re taught in class – you’ll gain some key life skills too.

So we’ve asked our regular guest blogger, Lyssetta from Singapore, to share 5 things she learned while at INTO Exeter

Studying abroad gives you a real chance to develop as a person. Here are some of the main things I’ve learned as an international student:

1. I’ve learned about different cultures
In my student dorm, I have neighbours from all over the world. Chatting to them about their countries has given me a real insight into their lives – the food they eat, their traditions, their lifestyle. It’s definitely an eye-opener and has taken me out of my comfort zone. But it’s made me realise that there’s a lot more to learn about the world.

2. I’ve learned how to cook
Back home my mom was always the one cooking, so I never bothered to learn. But when I came abroad to study I needed to develop it as a skill. Luckily, I had the internet and YouTube to help me! Now I can make several dishes and can even cook for my friends.

Budget jar of money

3. I’ve learned how to manage my money
Studying abroad has made me more responsible with my budget – I can’t spend all my money on shopping or eating out because then I won’t have money for groceries or laundry. I’ve learned the habit of taking a note of my daily expenses to keep track of them. By becoming more aware of my spending, I now know how to budget properly.

4. I’ve learned to appreciate my family
Going overseas means you see and talk to your loved ones much less. At home, you take the support of your family for granted – it’s only when you’re away from them that you realise how big a role they play in your life. I Skype my family every weekend and send them postcards telling them how much I miss them. I definitely feel closer to them now.

Teo Lyssetta - blog image - crop copy5. I’ve learned not to be afraid to explore
Coming from a really small island in Asia, places to go are limited. The UK is 350 times the size of Singapore and has so much more variety – there’s everything from mega cities like London to tiny beach towns like Torquay and Plymouth. I’ve learned that though I’m here to study, it’s important to take advantage of being in a new country and explore it. Travelling around the UK has opened my eyes to the culture and made me appreciate being here so much more.

Lyssetta Teo is now completing the International Foundation in Humanities, Law and Social Science Pathway at INTO University of Exeter – we wish her luck with her exams! Read her other posts on arriving in a new country and learning how to take care of yourself.

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