11 questions, 1 student: INTO Queen’s University Belfast

Yunyao Mo, who is currently studying at INTO Queen’s University Belfast tells us about her day to day life as an international student in Belfast. Yanyao INTO Queen's University Belfast

Name: Yunyao Mo
From: China
Course: International Foundation in Business

1. Favourite place to study off campus?

I like to go to the McClay Library at Queen’s, it’s close by and it’s really quiet. If I see other students studying there it gives me motivation to want to work harder.

2. Best place to buy groceries?

I love going to Victoria Square for clothes shopping, it has a lot of nice shops. For grocery shopping though I go to the Spar, it’s close by and very convenient. I would eat out in restaurants a lot though as it’s quite cheap and more convenient. My favourite restaurant is Lee Garden.

3. Favourite new food discovered since being in the UK?

My favourite UK food is fish and chips! It’s nice but I would not recommend eating it all the time because it’s fattening.

4. 3 favourite things to do on a Saturday?

I love watching movies with my friends in our house, we can’t fully understand the meanings sometimes so we usually talk about the movie together. We also play games with each other at the weekend and visit lots of different cities, and I’ve been to the seaside here.

5. Which cities have you visitied since you have been living in Northern Ireland?

While I’ve been studying here, I’ve visited lots of places on my mid-term breaks with my friends. I’ve been to London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin in the south of Ireland. It’s quite easy to travel to different cities.

6. Most used mode of transport for getting around the city?

I walk everywhere, Belfast is quite a small city and everything is within walking distance.

7. Best moment since arriving at INTO?

My best memory since arriving here is meeting my best friend. Her name is Kyaw yupakar Tun from Myanmar, she’s so funny and cute! We study the Foundation in Business together and have good fun outside class.

8. Favourite teacher?

Eugenia our mathematics teacher is my favourite teacher, she is so kind and helpful, she has helped me a lot. She’s a really great teacher.

9. How many people live in your accommodation with you? How many are boys/girls? What’s the nationality mix?

There are four of us sharing a house, we rent a private house in the university area. My house is reasonably priced and I like the area.

10. Favourite British-ism learnt?

My teacher once taught us the meaning of “barking up the wrong tree”. It’s what people say here when someone is doing something wrong.

11. Describe your study abroad experience in 1 word:

If I had one word to describe my time here it would be ‘busy!’ as I always have lots of work and things to do outside class but if I had two words I would say ‘busy’ and ‘happy’.

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