5 tips to enjoy your first week studying abroad

We grabbed five minutes with the INTO Manchester team who explain what happens when students arrive at the centres, and how to make the most out of this incredible adventure.

Here’s what they had to say…

Everyone’s in the same boat

Everybody is new and there isn’t a need to plan anything, just turn up and get to know people.

There are loads of different things going on, some educational activities about the local area, but also lots of social events like meals out and parties in the halls of residents.

Plenty of chances to meet new people.

Sandy, INTO Manchester's Welfare Officer

Sandy, Welfare Officer

Talk to people as much as possible

One thing about welcome week is that there are students everywhere.

It’s a busy time with a few hundred students in one area at one time.

My advice would be to go in with an open mind, try and relax and just go and chat with people.

Everyone is in the same scenario, so put yourself out there a bit and the results will be fantastic.

Adam_INTO Manchester Student Services

Adam, Student Services Officer

Please bring your documents!

Something that’s really important is to remember to bring all the documents that are explained in your offer letter.

You’ll need these on the first day to make sure everything runs smoothly.Jake, INTO Manchester's Admissions Officer

Jake, Admissions Officer

Explore Manchester and practice your English

If you want to succeed the best thing would be to try to speak as much English as you can.

For international students this will really help with your studies and help you settle in quickly.

I recommend exploring all of Manchester but especially the public parks that are just outside the city.

If you go out about 15 minutes from central Manchester, you’ll find lots of amazing areas to go for natural scenery.

Grace, INTO Manchester's Regional Language Officer

Grace, Regional Language Officer

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Pete, INTO Manchester's Marketing Coordinator

Pete, Marketing Coordinator

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