My day at the Model United Nations

You’ll probably recognise Richard – he’s a regular contributor and shared his first week in China experiences with us

As a UN delegate, Richard gets to put into practice several of the concepts he’s studying as part of his Masters in International Relations course. A day at the Model United Nations in Beijing involves working through a problem – starting with analysis, proposing a framework for resolution and then voting.


We asked him to sum up the benefits of his MUN experience:

You get cultural insight into different nations
The first stage, political analysis, involves assessing the background of each specific nation, as well as their stance and viewpoint towards the day’s topic. Agreements like these impact on everyday life and the environment, so we have to consider what each country stands to gain or lose, and what they would need to be able to sign a political agreement. Often territories with similar priorities join up at this stage, and vote as a ‘bloc’.


You learn how to deal with others
We also undertake delegate analysis, where we explore each person’s individual personality. Knowing what makes each individual tick helps us write speeches that would appeal to them, and if people feel comfortable the negotiation process can be efficient and relatively easy.

We’re also looking out for possible threats of course – sometimes strong personalities, or nations with great power and influence, can sway other nations into a ‘coalition of the willing’.


You build great networks
The MUN is a really challenging experience, and throughout the process you’re working with some of the continent’s smartest Ambassadors. During the voting phase you’re often forced to negotiate and debate – using everything from group dynamics to aggressive politics and threats to reach a final resolution.

It’s a chance to prove ourselves and develop together. This shared experience has certainly helped establish bonds for the future – great news for my future employers!

Richard is studying an MA in International Relations at Nankai University with INTO China


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