CV Boosters (part 1): Why part-time work is great for your CV

Employability close-upWhen you’re a student, it’s all too easy to see part-time work as a necessary inconvenience – a way to earn extra cash to supplement your social life.

But it’s actually be a great opportunity to boost your CV before graduating. We summarise the benefits…

Thinking of getting a part-time job while studying abroad? Make it work for you – find a role that helps you to develop the following:

1. Career-specific skills
Do you already have a dream career in mind? If so, then gain part-time work in that area. Think about it, if you want to work in the banking industry then what’s more useful – a part-time role in a bank or some weekend shifts in the campus coffee shop?

Gaining ground level experience in your chosen field will be a huge help when competing for graduate roles. So grab part-time opportunities that are relevant – no matter how mundane they might sound.  

2. Employability skillsCareers service
Employability skills include things like communication, motivation, punctuality, time-management and teamwork. So when applying for part-time jobs, pause and ask yourself: “How many employability skills can I develop in this role?” Don’t necessarily take the easy option – find part-time work that challenges you. 

3. Teamwork skills
It’s true that teamwork is a skill that you’ll develop at university with your classmates. However, it tends to be a much tougher experience in the workplace, as you have to collaborate with far more disparate groups of people. So ideally, try to find part-time roles that help you to develop work-based collaboration skills.

Female graduate4. Multi-cultural experience
While you’re studying abroad, you’ll probably spend a lot of time socialising with other international students. While this is great, it’s also important to force yourself out of your comfort zone! Part-time work will improve your skills at interacting with people from other cultures. This will benefit your CV, especially if you want to work for a global company.

5. Confidence
Think of confidence as the bonus prize that you’ll get alongside the above-mentioned things. Confidence will come with knowing that you’re someone who can learn new skills, cooperate with a wide range of people, and successfully juggle work, study and socialising. And don’t forget that it’s probably the most important skill to take with you into an interview!

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