Your guide to university clearing

What is clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity for students to grab a place on a course if they missed the grades on the conditional offers at the universities they applied to.Information on Clearing day

Universities will match up the offers they sent out, confirm their places and will be looking to fill their remaining spaces on their courses.

It requires quick action, so once you’ve regained your composure, it’s time to call the universities to see what other course options they have available to you.

To prepare you for results day, we’ve got advice from our Enrolment Services Manager and all-round clearing expert Andrew.

He’ll be manning the phones to help students through the process in August, so he’s just the right guy to give us the lowdown!

To ask Andrew a question, click here

Andrew, Enrolment Services Manager at INTO Study

As students begin to receive their results, some may have not met their offer conditions for a bachelor’s degree. The chance to study at their favourite university may still be an option!

What to do when you have achieved the grades you needed

Have you have met all your offer conditions? 

Congratulations! Confirm your university offer and start planning your life away from home.


Did you miss the conditions of your offer by just a few points?

Not to fear! There still may be a chance to enter your first choice university.

Contact the university directly, and speak to their admissions clearing team. They’ll be able to advise if they can still accept you as a near-miss!

Did you miss the conditions of your offer, but you still want to study at your first choice university?

Again, call the university straight away and see what Clearing places they can offer. If there are other universities you’re interested in, contact these next to see what they have available to you.

You’ll have between 1 and 4 days to accept any Clearing offers, so take a deep breath, don’t panic and tap into your decisive side!

Don't let clearing get to youAre you an international student coming to study in the UK?

Our foundation courses could be the answer if you missed the grades for your university offers. The foundation courses help prepare you for an undergraduate or post graduate degree at your choice of UK university.

Alternatively, we have International Year 1 courses that replace year 1 at a university and would allow you to pass straight into year 2 of a bachelor’s degree, with all our students guaranteed an offer from their host university when they successfully finish the course.

Acquiring skills for your career

We can accept students who have completed A-levels, International Baccalaureate, or any high school in their home country – so see what you can choose from with our all singing, all dancing course selector.

Applying on our website is free and easy, and you can get started straight away… Apply here!

Clearing Advice

Contact Us

Email us at or call us on +44 1273 876040 to find out if we can accept you on our preparation courses.

Our enrolment team speak many languages and will be able advise on what courses INTO can consider you for.

Good Luck on Clearing day

Best of luck to everyone nervously awaiting their exams results! Come and chat with us on our Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube for more moral support.

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