Why I love studying in the UK

Thinking about studying in the UK? Researching your university plans? 

We asked international students around the country what they love about studying in the UK.

Find out what they think are the most amazing benefits of choosing England to further their education.

Lets hear from students in Norwich!

Jane from Indonesia is preparing for her Medicine degree.

Jane from Indonesia - INTO SGUL student

I love studying in the UK because it’s so diverse! I’ve met people from all over the world, learned about their countries and even a bit of their languages.”

Over to Hannah from Vietnam…

I love it in Glasgow because people are really friendly.

Chieh-Han Kao from Taiwan - INTO GCU student

There’s lots of student events which has allowed me to meet lots of new friends from different nationalities and cultures.

It has made my life my diverse and lovely”

Muhammad from Indonesia had this to say…

Studying business in London offers many exciting aspects of life and more importantly, I plan to progress to Cass Business School – one of the best institutions in the world.

Due to its rich history and strategic location, London will allow me to evolve and develop even more.

Muhammad from Indonesia - INTO City student

Not only that, but I have a chance to build connections with many people from different background and nationalities which will be extremely beneficial when I run a business in the future.

I’ve met friends from Bahrain, Iran, Korea and Thailand since studying here!”

How about international students living in Manchester?

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Thanchita from Thailand told us:

I love studying in Newcastle and having the opportunity to meet new friends from other countries.

It’s great here because I feel like I’m in a big family with the other students and well looked after by the support staff.

Thanchita from Thailand - INTO Newcastle student

Everyone is super friendly, everything in well organised including social activities and classes. My accommodation feels really safe too!”

Katia has been studying in the heart of London since September…

I can know local culture from different cities, even others from different countries.

It’s full of modern, financial centres here, but there’s still the cultural side too. That’s why I really like living here”

Avinaash is from Malaysia and studies in Scotland…

I love both the studying and living environment here in Stirling.

Avinaash from Malaysia - INTO Stirling student

I was homeschooled for a while in Malaysia, but there’s a lot of freedom and interaction offered here which makes it very conducive to study for me.

There’s a very personal feel here. You spend lots of time with other international students and people really take the time to know you”

Taibek is from Kazakhstan loves studying in the UK, and studies Science and Engineering in London.

Taibek tells us why he likes studying in the UK

I once read the UK wants to attract the very best students from all over the world. Education is highly ranked and well known.

I love studying here in London because of the mix of nationalities. You can meet anyone from any country – it’s so diverse and I love that!”

Fumi from Japan, studies Medical Sciences and tells us…

I have been able to build my confidence more here than ever before.

I have learned so much about Exeter and have friends who were born here and have lived in the city their whole life.

Fumi from Japan - INTO Exeter student

If I don’t understand their accent, I ask them to explain and they tell me. Everyone is so friendly!”

Yunnan is from China, and says…

My life is very simple but enriched here.

Monday to Friday I go to class every day, and after my studies I exercise – especially rowing and yoga.

Yunnan from China - INTO Newcastle student

I heard Newcastle is a ‘night city’, and I love exploring it with my friends at the weekend.

It’s an unforgettable experience – I’m very happy here!”

Best from Thailand is studying in the picturesque Gloucestershire.

Safkatul from Bangladesh is doing Mechanical Engineering in Belfast.

Ahmed Safkatul Alam from Bangladesh loves studying in the UK- INTO Queen's student

I’ve been able to progress onto my chosen university and for international students, the UK is a home away from home”

It’s been fantastic to hear about student experiences from all over the UK! Got your own story? Share it with us in the comments below…

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