What I learned in the Biology and Biomedical science laboratory

A day in the science lab.

If you’re interested in studying Biology and Biomedical Science, laboratory work will be an important part of your learning experience.

Moojin from South Korea studies in Newcastle and shares his stories from the science lab… 

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First step into the science lab

The clean desks, tiered seating, transparent experiment equipment, and smiling face of my teacher were welcoming me warmly.

Science lab model

Already, I found myself proudly being a member of this city, furthermore this country.

Science lab experiments

Practical science lab experience helped me understand the contents of the lectures and seminars, meaning I could apply my knowledge to real situations.

Experiments were mostly done in pairs, which was a learning process in itself.

Science lab work

It showed me the importance of group study, and respect for other students – while also developing our social skills.


Organ dissection was the best experiment I had to do. It was full of clotting blood and had an unfamiliar smell, but it was amusing!

We dissected the heart and kidney of a sheep, as they have similar morphologic traits as humans (but smaller versions).

The especially nauseating kidney smell was enough to make students, and even teachers frown, but thank God, I had a blocked nose!

Dissecting sheep heart and kidney in the science lab

The heart dissection was fantastic, as it explained all of the pathways of the blood, and valves attached.

I grasped new knowledge that would apply to my upcoming exam.

Learning outside the science lab

To top it off, we went on a field trip to investigate marine organisms on the rocky coastline.

We saw a lot of different sea life living near the shore, looked at their habitats, noted down the population and distribution of them using sampling methods.

Looking at life on the beach outside the science lab

Not only did we conduct the investigation, but we had free time to catch and observe the organisms we wanted to see more closely.

That the field trip broadened our view towards the world, by knowing other members of this world.

My next steps

I have learned and encountered so much during my time in the labs.

Above all things, experiments carried out with the teachers and other students have been the most exciting experiences.

Students in the science lab

Now, I can say I am ready for the next step of education to follow my dream.

Fantastic insight into the laboratory environment – thanks Moojin.

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