What you need to know about the International Year One program

After years of hard work at high school, you’ve developed a strong academic foundation. You’re almost ready for your lifelong dream of studying abroad – however, you found out that you need more years of study to apply directly to a UK university.

If that sounds like you, fear not! There are pathway programs like the International Year One to help you get where you want to be.

So what exactly is the International Year One?

Broadly speaking, the International Year One is a preparatory program that will help you reach the academic and language requirements to start an undergraduate degree at a leading UK university.

It’s called a ‘Year One’ because you’ll study the first year of your degree in one of our study centers, and then progress directly into Year 2 of your undergraduate degree.1 

Your degree will take the same amount of time to complete, plus you’ll gain the research and English language skills needed to succeed on your university course.

What makes this program unique?

The International Year One program has been created with – and is validated by – each partner university. So, you’re guaranteed a quality education and a smooth transition after INTO.

INTO’s program, curriculum and grading systems are designed in line with university standards, so if you do well at INTO, it’s safe to say you’ll do equally well at university.”

Explains Gizem from Turkey, who studied International Year One in Business at INTO Newcastle University.

Gizem Kazanci studied an International Year One at INTO Newcastle University

Instead of a generic preparation course, you’ll develop the academic theory, English language skills, and study and research abilities needed to succeed in your specific undergraduate degree.

Your study subjects will mirror the university modules, and some course options include teaching alongside university students to help you get used to UK teaching styles.

And you’ll also enjoy something that other international students won’t – access to INTO’s unrivalled level of personal care and support such as on-campus accommodation, a dedicated Personal Tutor as well as help renewing visas, opening bank accounts, registering with a doctor, and much more.

Alumna Priscilla from Indonesia, who studied International Year One in Management and Business Economics at INTO University of Exeter said:

INTO served as a useful stepping stone which helped my transition as an international student in entering university. If it weren’t for INTO, I may not have been admitted to my dream university and landed a job in one of the big four firms as a tax-transfer pricing consultant.”

What are the benefits of enrolling in an International Year One program?

  1. It’s easier to progress to a university, given that you complete your pathway program and get the required final score.
  2. It’s an opportunity to improve your English language skills and increase your understanding of academic theory and key academic subjects.
  3. It will help you adjust to the challenges of higher education and living independently in the UK.
  4. You’ll experience university-style teaching.
  5. You’ll get personalized support in every step of your study abroad journey – from your well-being concerns to your university application.
  6. You’ll complete your degree in the same amount of time as a direct student – saving you time and money.

To ensure you’ll have a hassle-free transition from your study center to your university study, you could qualify for an integrated Confirmation of Study (iCAS). This program combines an undergraduate degree with an International Year One or International Foundation pathway – no longer requiring visa renewal.

Who is this program for?

The International Year One is suitable for non-UK or EU students who:

  • are at least 16 years old.
  • have an IELTS result of 4.5 or higher, depending on the course and term length (many INTO Centers also offer a supporting Academic English course if you do not meet this requirement).
  • have completed A-levels or equivalent; or
  • have completed a recognized International Foundation program, or equivalent; or
  • are in the first year of a relevant undergraduate degree in your home country, but do not meet academic or English language entry requirements for direct entry to UK university.

If you meet these requirements, then we can help develop your academic and research skills, and improve your English in preparation for university.

Your teachers are all experienced at helping students where English may not be a first language – you’ll receive all the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Emily from Hong Kong discusses her experiences studying International Year One in Biosciences at INTO University of Exeter:

Where can I study this course?

We have study centers located in the heart of many of the most popular UK universities, and you’ll have full university status from day one.

This includes enjoying all learning and social facilities, as well as having access to all university support services.

INTO’s International Year One course offers entry to the second year of an undergraduate degree at these partner universities:

The International Year One is also available at one of our multi-pathway centers, offering entry to a wide range of other UK universities:

  • INTO London (including progression options to more than 100 UK universities)
  • INTO Manchester (including guaranteed entry to one of the 25+ leading UK universities)


To find out more about the International Year One and other pathway courses, head over to our website.  

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  1. The International Year One program at INTO University of Stirling leads directly to Year 2 of a 4-year undergraduate degree. It’s also known as International Diploma. There’s also a program called the International Year Two, which leads to Year 3 of a 4-year undergraduate degree in a Scottish university. ↩︎

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