How to overcome your first-week fears at university

Janine is a Graduate Ambassador at Newcastle University London

Outside of her English Language degree, she was involved in NUTS – the Newcastle University Theatre Society.

She shares her experience starting university and how to over come fears.

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University is a huge reward

The one thing that is really easy to forget is that university is a huge reward.

University is a huge reward

Don’t forget that you’ve worked really hard and reached a goal that you aspired to achieve.

Don’t over think about what you need to do before you leave

It’s common to worry about moving and living in a new city.

Will I make any friends? Do I need to buy a toaster? And getting really excited that you can eat as many take-aways with out your parents telling you to eat ‘proper’ food!

Don't overthink what you need to take to university

But don’t forget what an incredible achievement you have gained before you go.

This should help to make you feel more confident on those first few days when you’re still trying to figure out what this elusive ‘student life’ is all about.

Take your time to get use to your new surroundings

One thing I wish I’d known before going to university is how strange it would all initially feel.

For some, the process of getting used to your surroundings is quite a quick one. However, for others it might take a little bit longer.

Take your time to get used to your university surroundings

So if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by everything, you certainly won’t be the only one!

Here are 6 quick tips guaranteed to improve your uni accommodation and make it feel like home.

Take on new challenges

One of the best pieces of advice somebody gave me before I started university was to throw myself into different tasks.

I found myself doing things that I really wasn’t sure about – like jumping on the back of a quad bike!

Take on new challenges at university

Once you get over the initial ‘what-on-earth-am-I-doing’ phase, you really do have fun and make friends in the process.

University life really is what you make it. I’m sure you’ve heard the phase the time you spend at uni is the ‘best time of your life’. So, don’t be frightened to throw yourself into new experiences and welcome the differences that this next big step brings.

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