Welcome to the United States: settling in to your new home abroad

We caught up with students studying all over America, and asked how they managed to settle in and feel at home when they first arrived in the United States.

Connect with people and make friends

Haneet from India says:

I highly encourage people to come here, explore your options, educate yourself, and just be a part of this huge friendly community.”

Haneet CSU

Haneet studied a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at INTO Colorado State University

Our advice: Throw yourself into making friends and talking to people. Remember that everyone at the INTO Center wants you to feel happy and comfortable, so talk to them whenever you need to. It’s important to have a strong support network around you.

Explore your surroundings until they feel familiar

Isa from Kenya loved studying in Florida:

The city welcomes people from all around the world, which is especially good for international students when exploring.”

Isa blogging about why he loves studying in Tampa

Isa studied Accounting at the University of South Florida.

Our advice: Make yourself at home. Go to the local coffee shops, watch the world go by, and start to get a feel for day-to-day life in your new location.

Explore: be a tourist

Nikolai from Russia says:

It’s a really nice place. People are welcoming and friendly. You will never be alone.”

Nikolai CSU

Nikolai studied Computer Science at INTO Colorado State University.

Our advice: A great advantage of studying abroad is being able to travel to wonderful places and see amazing things. Make sure you see all the best bits – check out the tourist spots and see what’s within easy travel distance. And don’t be afraid to get lost – you can always ask for directions!

Work hard, play hard

Francine from Cameroon tells us:

I always wanted to study abroad, and particularly in the US because the country is very diverse and offers many opportunities.”

Marshall Uni

Francine studied Healthcare Administration at INTO Marshall University.

Our advice: If you put in the hard work, then you’ll be proud of yourself when the brilliant grades start coming through. Your career path and future opportunities are in your own hands. But make sure you dedicate time to relaxing and enjoying the experience of studying abroad.

Say yes and seize the opportunities

Paulo from Brazil says:

You will be welcomed extremely well. You will be able to have great times, lots of fun and learn a lot. The US is the best place you can go to live out your dreams. There are lots of opportunities here compared with other places around the world.”

Paulo from Brazil

Paulo (right) studied the Pathway in Marketing at INTO University of South Florida.

Our advice: Don’t look back and wish you’d joined that club or attended that event – do it! Studying in a new country is a time to try new things and say yes! What are your dreams? Now’s the time to make them a reality.

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Hi, my name is Faith and I'm the Social Media Manager at INTO, based in Brighton in the UK. I love working with you, our inspirational students, and hearing about your amazing journeys, experiences and successes. I'm a keen traveller and I love to cook, draw and read!

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