3 reasons I love studying in London

Where do you start, when choosing where in the world to study? 

Shiv from India studies a Foundation in Business, Management & Law in London, and shares why this city is perfect for his career plans.Shiv presenting

Leaving the comforts of my home country, India, and travelling abroad to study was not a cake walk for me!

However, having a quality education in an international environment has always been one of my dreams.”

Shiv presenting at the UN

The UK was my first choice

It’s been a leader in education for centuries, and home to many inspirational figures, like Isaac Newton and Winston Churchill.

I believe it has the best education in the world to help you move towards your goals & aims. It ultimately helps you achieve your endeavours, and flourish as an individual.

My background means I’m already very motivated and driven. I also have set high expectations of myself, and for my parents.

Family success

If your aim is to get into a well ranked and reputed university with a strong academic base, I would highly recommend studying in London.

Benefits of studying in London

You develop as an individual through real-life experiences, far beyond the books

As a business student, aspiring entrepreneur, and a probable economics student, I’m not only learning the basic logic behind business theories.

I’m also developing my general knowledge in world business and world economics, in a leading financial industry.

The heart of London

It’s helped me to have real insight on how the business world works, rather than just learning theories and understanding analytical tools.

A bridge between your educational and social life

Apart from gaining a quality education, London gives you the chance to make new friends, and socialise.

Shiv friends

I’ve created an international network here, which will help me even in my 50’s!

Amazing student experience

London provides quality education, with best of what technology can give to students of today’s generations.

UK teaching methods, facilities, and opportunities to excel, paired with London’s outstanding reputation and city lifestyle, means it is an exceptional student choice.

London at night

This city offers everything that today’s world demands from students, future employees, entrepreneurs, and even scientists.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

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