Clubs & Societies (part 1): The trick to settling in? Joining in!

Joining a campus club or society can really help you with settling in on your new study abroad experience. Joanne Chrystal, from the INTO Glasgow Caledonian University team, gives some reasons why. She also chats to two students about their experiences:

Birdwatching at INTO Scotland?

No birdwatching society? You can create your own!

Extra-curricular activities are a really great way to enrich your student experience and make your CV stand out. Your campus will probably have a range of sport, interest and course-based societies available, and if the one you want doesn’t exist, remember that you can always set up your own!

5 great benefits of joining clubs and societies are:

1. You’ll meet new friends
Clubs and societies are a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests to you. Who knows – you could make a friend for life!

2. You’ll improve your English
As you’ll be mixing with both local and international students, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practise your English speaking skills.

3. You’ll boost your employability
Course-based societies teach you new skills, and provide you with the opportunity to network with industry leaders and potential employers.

5. You could get get fit and healthy
Sports societies give you the chance to learn a new sport, improve your fitness and enhance your mental wellbeing.

5. Enjoy hidden perks
 Some societies have good relationships with local businesses which means that members get discounts, special event invites and other benefits.

Graduate Diploma in English with Business student, Peter Mi from China, is the Vice President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Glasgow (CSSAG). He says, “I help to organise lots of events to celebrate Chinese traditions such as Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival. We also have sports events every week. Our society has a great relationship with local Chinese restaurants and supermarkets so every member of our associations gets discounts. I would definitely recommend that Chinese students studying in Glasgow join our society as it is a great way to meet new friends and it also makes you feel part of the large Chinese community that exists in Glasgow”.

Another INTO Glasgow Caledonian University student who has benefited from GCU’s societies is Magomed Baymuradov from Chechnya. He joined the GCU Taekwondo society when he arrived in Glasgow in order to learn a new sport and meet more friends.  After only 18 months of practising Taekwondo, Magomed was awarded a gold medal at the Scottish Taekwondo Championships! Here he is in action.

Thanks to Peter and Magomed for chatting to us. Here’s the full list of student societies available to INTO GCU students.

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