Our top tips for packing to study abroad

Is it time to start packing for your study abroad adventure? Yes? Yes! Here’s some awesome advice for packing your bags from students who have already been there, done that and got the t-shirt…

iffah 2 Honestly, the first piece of advice that I would give to anyone thinking of studying abroad is, don’t worry! Stop fretting about which pairs of jeans to stuff into your huge suitcase, or whether you would need that kettle (or any other appliance, really) for future use.

Do not over-pack, because you would not want to go over the baggage size limit at customs.

The most important thing to note is to simply pack things that are dear to you, like a family photograph. Most household things can easily be found in the vicinity of the area you are living in and at an affordable price.

When in doubt, the INTO pre-departure app is available to download on iOS and Google Play! It lists you a bunch of things to prepare for your journey abroad, but always remember that most of them can be bought once you have reached your destination.

The only items you need are those that have sentimental value, maybe a few of your favourite pieces of clothing and other items you probably cannot find anywhere else.”

Iffah from Singapore
Studied International Foundation in Humanities and Law at INTO City University London


The best way to pack is to divide your clothes in categories (shirts, pants, jackets…) and arrange them this way in your suitcase so you know where to find your clothes for when you arrive.

If I have fragile items such as an electronic device, I always put it between two layers of clothes so it won’t break when travelling.”

Punyapich from Thailand
Academic English at INTO Oregon State University
Instagram: @heartoe



I think my number one tip for packing is not to take a lot of clothes. Everything you want and need you can easily buy it here without any problems or if you forgot something don’t worry.

But, if you are still thinking that all clothes that you have are your favourite and you can’t live without them, use the vacuum bags to put everything in a proper way and to save space in your luggage bag.

Haha, and don’t forget about the limit for luggage weight. Different companies have different rules, so check it before to prevent yourself getting into trouble.”

Gleb from Russia
MA International Economics and Business at INTO China

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